LG will only sell premium 5G flagships in NA and Europe, move mid-rangers production to ODMs

04 February 2020
The premium LG V60 will be available in Western markets because they are less price sensitive than South Korea (where LG will focus on the G9).

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  • 27 Mar 2020

Please return to BALTIC STATES LG mobile.
We miss your phones.

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    • Shujin
    • xv}
    • 08 Feb 2020

    notafanboy, 05 Feb 2020bu... but Samsung better! Samsung have bixby! Samsung better!Samsung is better, but Bixby is trash lmao.

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      • M1999
      • nXq
      • 06 Feb 2020

      Mike9625, 05 Feb 2020The s10, and the s10e 👌🏻Most of the time, you still have to pay more than 50% here in the Netherlands for the S10e and S10. S9 dropped faster, but was still less than 50% after 6 months

        Love the Community, 05 Feb 2020No! By flagship, LG means every feature will be available. ... morebu... but Samsung better! Samsung have bixby! Samsung better!

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          • Anonymous
          • ib7
          • 05 Feb 2020

          Love the Community, 05 Feb 2020No! By flagship, LG means every feature will be available. ... moreThat guy clearly been brainwashed by the two companies that premium flagship phone dont need to have all... rip consumer..

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            • Abi
            • ute
            • 05 Feb 2020

            LG never made bad smartphones but their smartphones are not good enough to be flagships or priced like them. Anybody paying a premium for a phone would obviously want the service to be the same, sadly LG does not deliver on the hardware, software and support front. Before LG fanboys are up in arms, I have owned the LG G3 and the G6. Still have the G6 which is still stuck on Android 8 and my last update was served more than a year ago.

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              • James
              • J7R
              • 05 Feb 2020

              I love my LG G7+ thinkq. Especially the quad DAC and Hi-Res audio recording. It's a superb companion with my DT 990 pro 80-ohm. It's fast and the camera is great too. I'd definitely buy another LG phone if they keep the headphone jack and improve their DAC chip in their future mobiles. I've never been so happy with my choice of mobile.

                So how do I buy my next LG flagship? Currently with the LG G7 thinq and I love the phone, it's got everything and more...... Will definitely only buy LG phones in the future. Samsung is following Apple's footsteps, overhyped and overpriced..... Maybe if LG hired a proper marketing team and spent some bucks on advertising they'd overtake Samsung. I'm sure of people used an LG phone they'd never wanna switch.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 7qW
                  • 05 Feb 2020

                  Anonymous, 05 Feb 2020Lmao at price sensitivity. Korean goods are priced locally ... moreEvery country pays more for their products than US does. Also in here its not even close to being twice as much.

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                    • Rave
                    • sUv
                    • 05 Feb 2020

                    Lg really needs to price their phones well if they want people to come back.They can't have the same prices as samsung and expect people to buy their phones with obviously worse software support and cycles.They have to realize that their phones don't have the same brand value that they once had and so they have to price accordingly

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                      • Love the Community
                      • Fv4
                      • 05 Feb 2020

                      kmcmurtrie, 04 Feb 2020Does "flagship" mean they will strip it down to the same bo... moreNo! By flagship, LG means every feature will be available. QuadDAC with Headphone jack and all. Wasn't that what flagship supposed to be? Have everything? LG clearly has everything unlike Samsung and Apple.

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                        • SrA
                        • 05 Feb 2020

                        Meanwhile 5G is still useless almost everywhere and LG is counting on people buying their 5G phones... Why are they making such stupid decisions...

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                          • vry
                          • 05 Feb 2020

                          Lmao at price sensitivity. Korean goods are priced locally twice as much as US prices. Imagine locals paying more than what Americans pay for the same product.

                            It would be nice of them if they don't make a phone. Please stop fooling people.

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                              • mEA
                              • 05 Feb 2020

                              My g7 thinq is a bich and won't install latest update + routine security check on boot failed so my phone is compromised

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                                • Zuzuz
                                • ajV
                                • 05 Feb 2020

                                LG thinks that now, with Huawei problems, they will take some market share. We will see what they put in the table and what prices.

                                  I want to wish the big luck. I love LG. Yes updates are ultra slow but if you are fine with it they are so amazing. Yew cameras is no p30pro match but it is no bad cameras. Looking forward for v6V60. 2020 will be between p40pro premium, V60

                                    Come on LG, show the G9 and V60 5G
                                    Cannot wait. Always loved LG underestimated devices.
                                    Currently with lg v50. Came from mate20pro which got me crazy it has not yet Android 10 update (single sim UK model, which apperantly always wait extra 3-5 months for update after the dual sim. Very unfair..)
                                    If I wanted mega slow new android versions I would buy LG because thats their only prob slow updates.
                                    So i did. Got v50 5g, sold my mate20pro single sim.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 6jr
                                      • 05 Feb 2020

                                      chester, 04 Feb 2020LG has lost before they start.... LG will only sell prem... moreLG will sell 5G devices elsewhere, according to the article and the source, it just won't sell premium 5G devices (the source only states with certainty that the V60 will be sold exclusively in NA and Europe, so it won't make that much of a difference in spreading 5G if the V series sold poorly in other regions)

                                        The only problem lg with is the low and midrange phone category otherwise their flagship are better than those shamesung galaxy and crapple iphone