LG will only sell premium 5G flagships in NA and Europe, move mid-rangers production to ODMs

04 February 2020
The premium LG V60 will be available in Western markets because they are less price sensitive than South Korea (where LG will focus on the G9).

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  • M1999

ProJames-CHM, 04 Feb 2020That image makes me think that LG is asking "What's it gonn... moreWell, at least you can get a LG after it's 6 months available for half the price. Picked up the G7 ThinQ for €413. And guess what, they are the only one with headphone jacks on all of their phones. Name another flagship with a headphone jack, wireless charging, water resistence and NFC for less than 500 euros, max 6 months old. Bet you can't.

Hope the V60 does have a normal soze, the G9 is 6.8 inches. Too big for me :(

That image makes me think that LG is asking "What's it gonna take for y'all to buy our phones again? Software updates? Nah nobody cares. Better bang for the buck? As if. Oh, 5G! Yes that's the only logical solution!"

Offloading the production of midrangers to ODMs is a great idea, mainly because LG doesn't know how to make them anymore. Snapdragon 425 seriously... let's not talk about their use of the ancient MT6739!!!!!! And of the MT6750!

  • Jane

That's fine, We will buy some other brand

  • Anonymous

My lg phone stutters.

LG has lost before they start....

LG will only sell premium 5G flagships in NA and Europe...

Apple thrives coz they sell premium products everywhere...even in developing countries ppl every 1 wants to be seen as if they're rich that's why they buy the premium products even though they poor.

5G could have been an advantage but only selling it in few developed markets...poor strategy

Apple will once again bring 5G to everyone in all these regions LG & others neglect and guess what we'll all go for Apple premium flagships with 5G...its that simple

  • AnonD-908380

NonG, 04 Feb 2020Yeah, LG lost me as a customer with LG chems latest anti re... moreI'm happy someone mentioned that ad. They act like batteries are bombs...smh

  • NonG

Yeah, LG lost me as a customer with LG chems latest anti repair ad. They're phones would have to properly replace(spec, durability ease of repairability, ergonomics, future proofing, aftermarket software development support and probably something i'm leaving out) my current daily tank - xiaomi redmi note 3 pro(kenzo) for me to even think about buying one of theirs.

  • kek

Great decision. Their midranges were pretty bad either way.

  • Prashant

This is ridiculous. What they need is to reduce the number of varients they launch for each model, hibbequick updates, and most importantly market their products logically.. Something they never do. Indian market is huge.

This is great news for the buyer. More choice. Another decent manufacturer with a high spec offering...

Hope more manufacturers can also continue raising the bar.

So glad that Android is proudly flying the flag with great OS. Excllent choice of user interfaces. And manufacturers, models, colors, 4g 5g, 765 865 Dimensity 1000, and other universal reason to choose android.

Like I said. 2020 for android is going to be bonkers crazy for impressive handsets coupled with a formidable OS. And it's no wonder at all that Apple will have to do somethings to improve.

finaly,sony and htc we looking at you next