Render of Moto G8, G8 Power, and G8 Stylus leak

06 February 2020
All three devices look strikingly similar, but each model offers something different.

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Raky, 06 Feb 2020So G series now comes as midranger, with som SD665 SoC!? T... moreIt's not LG, it's Motorola, where G series was always mid-range, the Z series was flagship.

  • inSyt

g8 is going to be compact?

  • Raky

So G series now comes as midranger, with som SD665 SoC!?
Too bad....if that' s not mistake, I hope that V services will be something special

  • Spark

Why no NFC on the G8 Power? Why Motorola?

  • Anonymous

TonkyK, 06 Feb 2020on sale in Slovakia already :) moreHow is that even possible?!!I believe it´s one Pre sale
looks nice and 200€ is a good price

  • Anonymous

make g8 power 6000mah

  • Sdw

No NFC in G8 Power (according to slovac website)


  • Jon

6.4 inches is much too large for a smartphone screen imho. It's uncomfortable to carry in a pocket, more so if you work physically. I'm about 2m tall and have large hands. Carrying such a brick still sucks. I've been returning numerous to high-end phones die to their size and now stock with a Samsung J3 2017. Please Motorola, think of the usability. I don't want to carry a man purse for my phone ...

  • rohan

Still dont understand why the hell their designs are sooo ugly.

if they can to improvement in camera , screen , department , then why they are not changing their designs. it really looks Ugly. i was MOTO fan but now , dont think so,
Simply look at Xiaomi, Huawei , Nokia , Vivo , Oppo , OnePlus designs and color contrast , and compare with this ,,

  • Anonymous

Just Wow