Readius mobile with fold-away display pops up

22 Jan, 2008
Polymer Vision announced the Readius mobile phone with a display as large as two business cards. In other words the Dutch company R&D department has...

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  • jismarena

epaper. nice innovation. looks a bit average to datee.

  • Trebor

Hey guys,

it's a bit of a mistake made by some people on the forum to call this OLED technology. It's actually e-ink (or e-paper as one reader correctly put in his message) which has been invented by Philips in the Netherlands. The material is actually a lot like real paper in how it feels and looks. It only uses electricity to change the properties of the screen into a certain image, after which the image stays on the 'paper' until the screen refreshes with another image. It's quite different from OLED in the fact that OLED is a ready useable displaytechnology, Samsung for instance unveiled a tv of only several millimeters thick only a few months ago.
The only thing I'm wondering about, is weather it's application as a touchscreen is really readily useable, and what kind of refresh-rate the display has in order to show animated menus or things like that.

Cheers lads

  • Suicide in the makin

Ahh, here we have another genius trying to reinvent the wheel. People should stick to what they are good at and not dabble into the tier 1 mobile manufacturers' cake.

  • Arkdamon

Guys, FYI Vodafone future vision website:­/index.html
Future is not in our hand but in our mind, only with hands we can make them true.

  • Anonymous

any idea how u make phone calls. this is not new i had seen this in one of the mobile expo nearly a year back. but one thing i agree its good looking

  • sun

If I remember correctly, this is OLED technology. Definitely all phones in the future will use it, but also it will replace the LCD/Plasma in the TV area. Basically, it has potential to be used anywhere to display something.

  • robbie

Its a weird looking phone with hi end technology. Many people say that this will be the future of mobile phones n I agree with them and as its just the beginning so not all of us are ready to accept it init? Its bit weird phone but we can expect better in near future. Its just 2008 yet ;) Oh! n ill stick to my viewty this year hehe

  • Gregory

Watch this article carefully, and remember it well, because in this you see the future. In a few years time all the mobile phones will have screens like this.

  • jmstr

@ mfdb: German R&D? DUTCH R&D, Dutch = the Netherlands.

anyway.. looks really cool!

  • GuessBoy

Yeah can't wait for it come to singapore.
Think if it was in color this would be the no. 1 invention of the yr
But when u see the pic you can see it have picture, games option so does it mean that can have a chance of getting it in color or not?

  • Gareth

Do some research on OLED technology. Full colour displays like this are not far away and should theoretically use very little power.

  • Harlekkin

Maybe not so suitable for phones at this stage, but AWESOME! Vodafone last year had launched a website with how the future could look. And they incorporated flexible e-Paper like this!

Can't wait for this to become more viable!

  • celluteck

dude ur a deadbrainer after all its a phone? i guess ur not familiar with technology. my friend in the near future phones ar going to be ur pc just wait and see. be a visionary not a closed minded pearson this is a greeat idea that will evolve in to reality.

no caller id its ok im sure they can figure that out its to easy.
money is the only obstical here.

  • ^BUG^

Let's wait and see...

  • JPD

Yeah right pioneering it, just like they were pioneering their PS3 controller 20 years ago... Yeah they said that... Remember the Atari... sony made it right? LOL. Sony is a joke.

  • Anonymous

this technology was developed by the "middle east technical university" students in Turkey before 3 months or something??
not German R&D

  • Nirodha

Call me when you come out with a reasonably priced 256K+ colour screen version of this, Readius. Nice first effort though. :)

  • Zobi

Neh. No likey.

  • Rakib

I dont know about the colors but the idea is good.

  • nameless

do you know that sony is the pioneer of this new technology..... inventing the same display screen which could be fold by many times......