Moto G Stylus and G8 Power announced: 6.4” displays, Snapdragon 665 chipsets

07 February 2020
One brings a stylus at a mid-range price the other has a huge 5,000 battery.

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The Power model would be a great sell in America.

  • Anonymous

Alex 94, 09 Feb 2020Still, expensive.Even if it was for 100 dollars you will still say expensive

  • Anonymous

what a same; the G stylus could have really been a really decent budget Samsung Note replacement, instead it misses on critical simple necessity such NFC which for some reason is classified as a flagship feature......seriously Moto, how much would it have costed you to put in NFC, its 2020 for God's sake! Was going to wait and buy this till I found out no NFC, so now I am forced to buy the samsung Note 10 lite instead, spending more than what I would have liked!

  • Pkmaiya
moto g power
moto g8 power

Actually these are two different phones

Phoenixy, 09 Feb 2020Price for the G8 Power is 220 EUR.Still, expensive.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Feb 20204gb ram for that price? The year 2017 called, wants his pho... moreThe 1980's called and want's it's attitude back.

Alex 94, 07 Feb 2020Price in Europe will be even more.Price for the G8 Power is 220 EUR.

Moto G Stylus looks nice, but by the time it's out the Note 10 Lite will already reduce in price, making the Moto far less attractive.

What do you get for the extra dollars?

- Pressure sensitive stylus with all the S-pen features
- AMOLED screen instead of IPS; 6.7" vs 6.4"
- Much faster CPU, 50% more RAM
- Tele lens and ultrawide lens that can be used for stills (though the Moto main cameras has better specs, with larger sensor and higher resolution)
- Front fingerprint reader
- Larger batter (+500 mAh), 2.5x faster charging

Unless your budget is very strict, the Note 10 Lite is a much better buy.

Very attractive offerings. Motorola nowadays is more fitting of offering mid range phones.

  • stobs

Samsung note 10 lite was utterly disappointing.

no gorilla glass, no ip rating, average camera, old processor, usb 2.0 (why use ufs 2.1 with usb 2.0??) and priced at an excessive premium.

utterly disappointing.

hope Motorola will bring a new decent 'note' type line!

  • Latvis

Without NFC this phone is bound to fail. Motorola is shooting themselves in the foot by these weird choices they make. Still looking for decent phone with 5000mAh batterry + nfc + headphone jack + galileo gps + amoled screen.

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2020what they thinking with this high pricing 340$ for moto... moreThey're surviving only by US and Latin America where most Chinese brands aren't available. Elsewhere, Moto don't have marketshare they used to have. Moto cannot command a premium when it's very similar to every competitors and there's no differentiating feature at all.

  • Digit

Motorola seem to think that an NFC chip is a ` high end` facility in the UK and are AGAIN omitting it from the G x Power series.
If they had added NFC to the G7 Power, it would have been a really popular phone. Now they are omitting it again on the G8 power.
Sad. So sad.

dbjungle, 08 Feb 2020Why are we seeing so much Snapdragon 665 instead of 675?I don't know this either true or false, some believe S665 have the near if not same level efficiency of the legendary S625, where performance and battery life are strong but balanced.

Amazon UK out of stock

  • abc_to_xyz

Wait! A Stylus with no pressure sensitivity (means no practical usage).
Are they trying to drag us back in 2000s?

Oh, I really had high hopes for G8 Power. The G7 Power was a battery champion, good audio quality and separated slot for microSD, one of the best for those looking for a phone to last. G8 Power is good, but that hole in the display is killing me. I really do not understand the logic behind screen hole camera..

Another plastic junk by Motorola. One of the few company to use near stock Android UI and very useful Moto Action yet their hardware is abysmal.

Earlier G series phones use to have metal and plastic combinations but now it's all just plastic. No more dual tone LED, no more front firing speaker embedded into the earpiece, and the camera housing looks so generic to the point it'll be hard to differentiate from other budget chinese phones without the Moto logo.

Now I am hearing they don't even have NFC? . Motorola keeps adding more reasons not to buy their phones every year.

  • Karoko

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2020what they thinking with this high pricing 340$ for moto... moreMi 9T only for those who are specs hungry. I'm sorry to say that cheap brands will only sell to survive.

no other device can beat Galaxy Note for their spen features.