Samsung unveils Galaxy Buds+ with 2-way speakers, better battery life

11 February 2020
The woofer + tweeter combo will improve the audio quality compared to the previous generation. There's also an extra mic, but no ANC.

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  • yuW
  • 12 Feb 2020

They're called Buds+ but they're the same size. Misleading.

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    • 12 Feb 2020

    Who gives a darn about ANC? For the people who live in tight streets and unregulated traffic, ANC will silence the horns of the speeding car and motorcycle coming at you. People like them could've moved away easier if they turn off or their headphones don't have ANC.

      I don't understand why no ANC. This is must have feature for me. Well, I am hoping the sound is better than the Galaxy Buds.

        Technically, the old Galaxy Buds cost 159 euros at launch in Europe, making it an 11 euro difference.

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          • 11 Feb 2020

          Very interesting setup on the buds.