Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro tops DxOMark camera chart

13 February 2020
Xiaomi’s new flagship reigns supreme in DxO’s camera and video rankings.

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  • TheGermanDude

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2020For related information, search the Internet under "MediaTe... moreYou seem to be very well informed. Almost like u r working for a chip maker?! However, i always respect other opions and better arguments or deeper knowledge. I will follow your assumption that sooner or later all SOCs will have integrated 5G modems. Time will tell but it seems u r right. Just a minute ago i read here on GSM Arena that Apple intents to buy the 5G anntena for their next generation phones outside of Qualcomm or develop it itself (since they bought Intels Modem Division). So u might also be right with mmwave and the fading influence of the mmwave standard.

  • Anonymous

TheGermanDude, 14 Feb 2020Hi-End SOCs are not a egg-laying wool milk sow yet but Qual... moreMmwaves are used by 2 carriers on more than 50...
Mmwaves have problems to go throught walls or even a row of trees for exemple
Mmwaves are pushed by Qualcomm because of their patents.
Qualcomm would make mmwaves a usefull standard.
If it will be the case, their patents will allow them anticompetitive behavior like they do for decades with others like wcdma or lte. Detroying competitors (Texas instruments, NVIDIA, broadcom, st-microelectronics, Intel...)

Overpriced standard patents allows them to propose predatory pricing on soc when a competitor bother them...(see UE courthouse decision about Qualcomm and NVIDIA/Icera)

How many devices with SD730 before Helio G90 was released ? (I think 2...mi9T/k20 and Samsung A80)...after G90, tons of SD730 were released...
Now rumors said Qualcomm reduced SD765's priced by 30% because of Dimensity 1000L...30%!...it's easy when you make billions dollars profits with patents that OEM are forced to buy you!

How can customers be that blind!

Anonymous, 13 Feb 20202nd half of the year, not the end of the year. Usually arou... moremate 20 pro - end of october 2018, some countries start of november 2018
mate 30 pro was faster - end of september 2019
let's hope mate 40 pro will be start of september, why not august
I also looking up for p40pro premium or mate40pro. Nothing will stand their way. Just like it is with mate20, 30 pros, and p20pro, p30pro
Dont care of lack of google so many ways to install everything. I dont have billions dollars so I dont care it is illigal way to install google stuff

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2020I am just not happy with SD865 for the following reasons: ... moreOk you got me. BTW I use mate20pro so even for me mate40pro will be better fit then P40pro premium. Because p40 will have 990 kirin, mate40pro 1020. And 1020 is better for me.
Btw what phones has dimensity chipsets ?

  • Anonymous

Forget the still performance, where phones are woeful has been video performance. Concentrate and on that is reviews. Just look how much less the dxom video score is compared to the still performance. Stills are ok for phones, time we stopped worrying about them. The video score should be similar. Let's look at the video improvements which can make a big difference in a wedding on your wall TV in the future. 12 to 16 bit plus. At least 16 stop dynamic range in one sample. At least 300mb/s h265 4:2:2 or equivalent. Raw Bayer video feed. Rec2100 color HDR rendering. 8kp25/50, Full Camera 2/3 API support. External storage/backup. Vertical color filter sensors (Foveon like) with 4:4:4. Anti skewed global shutter, high speed. Lens, aperture gain shutter focus and color control before recording. Slow motion frame rate. Then your friends video of your wedding can be good enough to give to the professional videographer to put together a collage clip of the event. If you go in with 60-80 mb/s 8k HDR, the bigger your screen the more shit it will look. 300mb/s h265 is low end pro quality, 600-1200mb/s is better again. So, compare each camera to that list in reviews, and we might finally see greater video features.

  • Anonymous

Nick Tagataka, 14 Feb 2020The place I live in ended up getting the Exynos variant (ye... moreExynos has better custom ROM development compared to Snapdragon for the S10.

  • Alex

AnonD-754814, 13 Feb 2020Just tell me 1 thing. How on earth Xiaomi helped ? They... moreIt says on Samsung's official page that the 108MP sensor tech has been developed in collaboration with Xiaomi and the wording makes it seen like the contribution is 50/50.
Anyway Xiaomi has quite a big camera dedicated division. They created it like 2-3 years ago when they phones stated to take decent picture with the Mi 8.

  • Anonymous

TheGermanDude, 14 Feb 2020Hi-End SOCs are not a egg-laying wool milk sow yet but Qual... moreFor related information, search the Internet under "MediaTek Dimensity 1000L Qualcomm Reduce SD765G".

  • Anonymous

TheGermanDude, 14 Feb 2020Hi-End SOCs are not a egg-laying wool milk sow yet but Qual... moreYou have got it completely wrong. The trend is exactly the opposite. By this time next year, all flagship SoCs will have integrated 5G modem. Qualcomm was simply behind the schedule to finish the integration in time for 2020. We will not be surprised if Qualcomm releases a version of SD865+ with integrated 5G modem in the second half of 2020. To compete against MediaTek, Qualcomm is pretty much forced to do that. Otherwise Qualcomm will have to reduce the price for SD865, like they already did for SD765G in the 2nd week of this year. (SD765G was released on 1-1-2020, priced at ~$60. But by 1-14-2020, Qualcomm was forced to reduced the price by 30% in order to compete against Dimensity chips because phone-makers were running away from Qualcomm chips.) Search "MediaTek Dimensity 1000L’s Performance Has Reportedly Forced Qualcomm to Reduce Snapdragon 765’s Price" for related information.

  • TheGermanDude

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2020I am just not happy with SD865 for the following reasons: ... moreHi-End SOCs are not a egg-laying wool milk sow yet but Qualcomm is just following a logical trend not to integrate the 5G Modom anymore which Apple does already for years and Samung is starting to. If you want to cover all mobile phone standards including mmwave it is a need. HiSilicon and Mediathek are both focused more or less on the chinese market and use the SUB 6 GHz Standard. If you want to sell globally the trend is to cover both standards (SUB 6 GHz Standard and mmwave) and exclude the 5G Modem from the core SOC.

  • Teo

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2020Sony Mobile division loses $200 millions annually, just for... moreLG and Sony were pioneering things before now they follow others, reason is that both always get mediocre media reviews and one other reason is that both dont really offer much difference to others. Whereas they offer different things, they lack in other segments.

Lets see...why would someone who is deciding between phones choose Sony, Lg, Samsung, iphone, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei? What separates these brands?

Before each of these brands offered something new, 4y ago Samsungs value was 700 EUR EU, now they increased prices to 1000 EUR. Same as any other brand, but ppl dont give phuck to brands anymore. Ppl cannot afford so expensive handsets. You stack 10x Samsung s20+ together and you have a car!! Can you imagine?? 10 tiny phones worth 900 EUR is 9000 EUR which is a good car value.
Everyone is offering basically same shiet, same specs, same ram, similiar design...for different prices. Xiaomi 700 eur for same shiet Samsung 1000 eur shiet, LG 800 EUR, Sony 850 EUR etc...
But it comes down to innovation, every year. New stuff unveiled, you get it in phone and price is up.
Everyone here...if you had a 400 eur budget to build a phone, which components would you choose?

I hear and read many ppl here, saying i need this or i need that...everyone expects something more from brands, more from expensier brands, but to stuff everything top notch inside, would you still pay 1500 eur for that? and dont say for only EU...Lets face it..Markets such as africa, asia,maybe even south asia..can 80% of ppl afford Sony or LG for 800 eur?

I would say to any brander if i could put my voice in..."Be a man, make flagship for 400 Eur, dont cut any corners" and watch how it sells.

Bcoz its curved ! Big No

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2020This disproves the myth that Samsung sensors are inferior t... moreAbsolutely. Samsung and Sony sensors are identical in quality. Only conspiracy theorists with scant knowledge of facts come up with their stories, which have no basis on facts, to prove otherwise.

This very sensor, with the Nona CFA is on the S20 Ultra. So, I expect that vrra to be absolutely class-leading, even in low light. And top the DXO Charts, by a large margin.

  • Anonymous

This disproves the myth that Samsung sensors are inferior to Sony's. Remember, the Samsung NX1's sensor was ahead of its time when it was released.

  • Anonymous

Nick Tagataka, 14 Feb 2020The place I live in ended up getting the Exynos variant (ye... moreSamsung is forced to use SD865 for USA market due to contractual obligation with Qualcomm. If Samsung had a choice, they would have used their own chips for all markets.

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2020Plenty of things that the dimensity chipset lacks compared ... morePeople usually hold higher expectation for more expensive SoC from more premium brand. Dimensity lacks some of the features that Snapdragon comes with, but for the price the compromises are mostly acceptable hence not much worth mentioning.

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2020You do realize there is Snapdragon variant too. Besides Sa... moreThe place I live in ended up getting the Exynos variant (yes now I feel stupid for mocking European countries for getting Exynos before S20 announcement), so for people like me, it's "LOL 'Exynos'". Personally, no Snapdragon = there's no way to fix it with GCam in case the camera is mediocre (which has been true for the Exynos S10) = No buy. It makes me wonder why Samsung can't help but keep using two SoC variants for their flagships.

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2020Sony Mobile division loses $200 millions annually, just for... moreYes, it's still might be just for fun despite the money loss, you know. And yes, unfortunately both LG and Sony are sore losers in mobile division. No one is to blame for this but themselves though.

  • Anonymous

VectorR, 14 Feb 2020Sure but Sony just don't want to be bothered with it. Smart... moreSony Mobile division loses $200 millions annually, just for fun? Sony Mobile division lost more annually for the past 4-5 years. Yes, LG Mobile division still loses $800 millions annually, and in this respect, Sony is lesser a loser than LG is. What a great honor!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2020I am just not happy with SD865 for the following reasons: ... morePlenty of things that the dimensity chipset lacks compared to SD865. Why not mention them too?