Samsung board chairman resigns following labor laws violation sentence

14 February 2020
Lee Sang-hoon has stepped down from the board chairman posiion at Samsung.

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Anonymous, 15 Feb 2020Fair enough, though recent reviews here show Samsung oled s... moreyes, it is at the beginning. see, the "o" in oled is "organic", which means carbon-based; carbon is one of the elements that degrades rapidly and once the carbon in oleds start to degrade the colors will be inaccurate. the fastest pixel to degrade in oleds is blue, so after several months, if you compare an oled with lcd screen side by side you will see that oled has greenish or yellowish tint. this is the reason graphic artists and professional photographers prefer to use lcds instead of oleds.

  • arm2004

wasox, 14 Feb 2020Lol, samsung? What about all the chinese factories? Winny and Orange only allow other than their own faults to be made public!
Taking down corrupt officials should make Samsung and S. Korea proud! At least they're doing something about these corrupt MFs...

I hope Samsung will use this experience to learn.

They will avoid negative image in the media, and it will cost them less... and also, we all know that all employees work better when they are happy.
Exploiting people will never bring you good...

Not too long ago, maybe 1/1.5 years, I've heard on this same website how Samsung is badly pushing it's employees, in China as well as S. Korea.

Employees Being forced into abnormally long shifts (14-16 hours), how it affected their health, (mental + physical), and poor wages on top of it.

And it 'was' about smartphone/electronics business, not Shipbuilding or Insurance.

So I'm really glad they booked a top-dog. Sent him to prison. For however short a time it is. It does send a message.

I'm also glad smartphone market in general is slowing down. No matter how many phones these companies throw in however short a time down the consumer's throat. I suspect they know it too, hence the constantly increasing prices. Eventually common-sense would win over hard marketing. Maybe that'll make it easier for labors.

  • Anonymous

Please correct the title: it is not Samsung Board Chairman, but Samsung Electronics Board Chairman

  • Nerves

Kek, 14 Feb 2020No thanks. Unless you are super broke or are super dumb... morelmao ok samsung

  • cupooty

When Samsung make a foul : it's okay it's normal day for me nothing gonna change my heart
When Apple make a foul : take that b*tches , that's why apple is suck

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2020if you sell less phones but the phone cost a lot of money s... more"Their" reign.

  • Anonymous

Stop the galaxy spam already pls, every post is about smasung

  • AnonD-913467

Kek, 14 Feb 2020No thanks. Unless you are super broke or are super dumb... moreNot being a materialistic flexer does not make one dumb, in some cases it's pretty much the opposite, now that I think about it. I won't be answering the "super broke" part as I'd have to get political. I wouldn't spend more than 400$ on a smartphone and I only buy phones with high end SoCs yet I'm far from dumb, that's all I'm going to say about that. I believed Samsung to be corrupt for a long time now, in my opinion it was too obvious from the way they do their business, however, that is just my opinion. I know about mainland China heck I even watch China uncensored regularly with that said knowing about mainland China and the CCP does not prevent me from knowing about other groups (countries).

  • Anonymous

s-pen pusher, 15 Feb 2020i think this has nothing to do with phone manufacturing as ... moreFair enough, though recent reviews here show Samsung oled screens are very colour accurate.

i think this has nothing to do with phone manufacturing as samsung's factories in s. korea only account for less than 10% of their smartphones output, the rest are mostly made in china, india, vietnam, indonesia, and brazil. it was producing most of its phones previously in china and they have since shifted recently more to india; they have closed their last factory in china back in october 2019. they still have some mid-rangers being manufactured in china through odms like foxconn. samsung has staggering number of businesses in south korea from ship building to insurance, so i think this labor issues is from largely other businesses instead of smartphones.

notwithstanding my choice of username, i am no longer a samsung fan, by the way because i have been turned away with their insistence on curved screen edges and the inaccurate colors of oleds.

Poiison at samsung

  • Sobr0keny

Well.. they produce affordable products with good quality.
Small problem like that wont make most people stop buying samsung's products.

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2020like what, they are already losing market share in Asia, th... moreWrong, samsung is widening the cheap/middle segment

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2020Samsung abuses workers. I will never ever buy something fro... moreLol, samsung? What about all the chinese factories?

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2020Samsung abuses workers. I will never ever buy something fro... moreYeah, let's buy the other brands, made in China. Where they can't break any labour laws as child slaves are acceptable there.

  • Anonymous

Samsung abuses workers. I will never ever buy something from Samsung again.

  • No

Samsung Decreased emloyed salary its disturb employees home management

  • HoHaHaHo

I would like to help Samsung manufacture phones for 14 hours straight in a day. I request Samsung company to hire me, I'll make sure to contribute as much as I can even though I am just 18 years old. I pray for the board chairman to retain his position ASAP.