Samsung Galaxy A71 5G to be available outside the US and China

15 February 2020
The Korean tech giant is also working on Galaxy A51 5G.

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  • gkC
  • 02 Feb 2021

Just want to ask if anybody has an idea why A71 5G still not in the market..its already been a year since the launch. UK and IE market?

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    • P$I
    • 21 Mar 2020

    Shady69, 16 Feb 2020remember the a90 ? it was released with flagship price, don... moreA90 5G had a flagship chipset which was even better than Exynos shits on S and Note series

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      • Bewildered
      • 39y
      • 17 Feb 2020

      Plot-twister, 16 Feb 2020They ahould have gave 5g in the first place they are litera... more5G will be featured prominently in the 2020 Olympics

      It appears that Samsung have add £100 /$100 /€100 to The 4G model price to arrive at 5G price

      Apples 2020 IPhones will be 5G however this will be after the Olympics close and you can bet there will be more than a "hundred" between 4G and 5G when Apple sends the ransom note

        remember the a90 ? it was released with flagship price, don't get your hopes up, these phones are going to be at least 500$ with mediocre specs.

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          • s%N
          • 16 Feb 2020

          With the price of the s20 5G being so high they will need to make the 5G A series more available or risk losing their market share

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            • yZR
            • 16 Feb 2020

            meh. I'd rather have them bring the Galaxy M31 to North America

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              • Plot-twister
              • ITL
              • 16 Feb 2020

              They ahould have gave 5g in the first place they are literaly leaching on their true fan im so disappointed by samsung its such a shameful act

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                • Yee
                • mx2
                • 16 Feb 2020

                Hey ho!
                Maybe Samsung noticed other continents out there lol