Sharp announces Aquos R5G with 6.5” QHD+ display, Snapdragon 865 and 8K video recording

17 February 2020
The phone is scheduled to hit Japan later this spring.

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  • 20 Jul 2022

RAHMANY, 25 Mar 2022I use this phone R5g pretty good phone but there is no offi... morewhy you want to downgrade is there performance issue

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    • Big show
    • yVt
    • 23 May 2022

    Bilal786, 13 Feb 2022Yes non PTA cost 35,000 PKR, but if this was PTA approved p... morePTA approved is market for 50k

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      • RAHMANY
      • j7}
      • 25 Mar 2022

      I use this phone R5g pretty good phone but there is no official site in English I need downgrade from 11V to 10V plz someone help me.
      Is there anyone from sharp company help me plz

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        • Haseeb
        • X}$
        • 03 Mar 2022

        Bilal786, 13 Feb 2022Yes non PTA cost 35,000 PKR, but if this was PTA approved p... moreIntrusted

          Doc fawax, 09 Feb 2022Yes but it ain't pta approved Yes non PTA cost 35,000 PKR, but if this was PTA approved probably be cost 70,000~90,000 PKR

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            • Doc fawax
            • uZa
            • 09 Feb 2022

            Anonymous, 05 Feb 2022bro its only 35000 pkrYes but it ain't pta approved

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              • 05 Feb 2022

              Bilal786, 04 Feb 2022Probably be like 70,000 or 90,000bro its only 35000 pkr

                Anonymous, 14 Jan 2022what will be its pta approved charges?? Probably be like 70,000 or 90,000

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                  • 14 Jan 2022

                  what will be its pta approved charges??

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                    • 22 Jun 2020

                    Anonymous, 25 Apr 2020it's really pathetic. whoever running that company need to ... moreThey need to get fired for not releasing globally anyway.

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                      • r2M
                      • 25 Apr 2020

                      it's really pathetic. whoever running that company need to get fired, their phones use to have their own identity, unmistakably "sharp" design language. now it just.... really really pathetic

                        What a disgusting monster of a phone. 2 notches.

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                          • Gerets
                          • 3k6
                          • 19 Feb 2020

                          I really don't believe why the ceeators of bordless phone (crystal aquos, 2014) can today release such a disaster to see... Fingerprint readers on dedicated button is obsolete since 2017

                            Abhi-Darth-Plagueis, 18 Feb 2020People create a raucous even with a single notch, and sharp... moreThe problem is what people (us) created themselves. I never minded a chin or a forehead (Still veryy happy with my iPhone 8), but because the 'trend' was to have them smaller and smaller this is what happened. Now that the space for camera's and face ID etc. has gotten so small, can't we just go back to just a small forehead? Just make the current notches a straight line and it's absolutely perfect.

                              kenosis, 18 Feb 2020If you buy unlocked from Japan, you may not be able to upda... moreFrom where you have bought it? I am not sure about what are you talking about. Try to buy phones from kyoex. They are a Kyoto based shop, and the owner is a very kind man, he will answer to all your questions.
                              By the way you better buy phones from Ntt Docomo. :)

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                                • 18 Feb 2020

                                If you buy unlocked from Japan, you may not be able to update future updates. I bought unlocked Sharp Aquos Xx3 (Softbank) from outside Japan and I cannot update. It keeps asking to insert Softbank SimCard in order to update.

                                  Another company who uses a larger-than-usual sensor for UWA camera, nice!
                                  But that ugly double notch display tho..

                                    People create a raucous even with a single notch, and sharp went ahead and put 2 on a single phone!! And that too, that wide ugly one on chin!!

                                    Boy they have guts. ;)

                                      Anonymous, 17 Feb 20201) all cellphones screen are 16million colours. 2) 1.000.... more1)You forgot about DCI-P3. There's also Dolby Vision. Good HDR requires WCG.
                                      2)Who doesn't like a "nicer" display? A lot of phones these days offer some calibration. Samsung displays are almost perfectly accurate, just look up the delta E values.
                                      3)Fair enough but I use high contrast mode so that I can get those inky blacks.

                                        IpsDisplay, 17 Feb 2020You done know any better... High refresh rates Burn in ... moreAlright, I'll try to counter every argument you've brought:
                                        1)High refresh rate
                                        -Most high refresh rate phones nowadays are using OLED that tops up about 90Hz and 120Hz, the upcoming nubia gaming phone will have a 144Hz screen. I know there's a Sharp phone with 240Hz but it's availability is rather scarce.

                                        2)Burn in
                                        -That depends on how much you use the phone. Newer OLEDs are less suspectible and much more long lasting. I've read many Samsung S8 and S9 users don't see these problems.

                                        3)Whites and grays
                                        -I have no gripes on this, LCD does have better whites and gray. By how much, that depends...

                                        4)Lower sharpness
                                        -I have not heard anyone complain about their OLED phones' sharpness even on displays lower than 400ppi in the recent years despite being pentile arrangement. This isn't Galaxy Note 3 problem. No need to get a microscope just to ACTUALLY notice it.

                                        5)Internal oxidation
                                        -Isn't that like... Burn-in?

                                        6)Inconsistent aging of different pixels
                                        -Kinda sounds like burn-in again...

                                        7)Pwm flickering
                                        -That's a nitpick one. Most people don't have eye problems with flickering and if they do, they should rest their eyes. Not all LCDs are absent of PWM flickering and some OLEDs have DC dimming.

                                        8)Black crush
                                        -That depends on what phone you're talking about. S8 and S9 handle it differently. So far I haven't had any problems with that unless I use OLED saver which gets you the absolute lowest brightness with decreased colour accuracy. Don't forget that LCDs can't display black at the highest brightness unless you have local dimming.

                                        9)Color volume
                                        -Uhhh no. OLED phones win in this department. Let's not even get started with Dolby Vision.

                                        If OLED is mature then good. That makes me more confident that my display is a good quality one. There's not much innovation that can be made with phone displays except for high refresh rate.

                                        OLED is always more efficient. Why do you think they last longer in pretty much every battery tests? Even the Razer Phone 2 didn't fare well although there isn't really an exact comparison to it.

                                        I've never used an IGZO IPS display, I'm using OLED now. I much prefer VA displays than IPS.