vivo Z6 5G arriving on February 29 with Snapdragon 765G SoC and 5,000 mAh battery

20 February 2020
It will charge at 44W and come with PC-grade liquid cooling.

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IpsDisplay, 21 Feb 2020InterestingRegarding a reply to you I issued which has not showed up yet, it is not that I did not know what I addressed about thermal conductivity, I just did not dedicate enough time to carefully examine the internals of ROG Phone 2. Saying it here not to have to frequently check if the reply has showed up.

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IpsDisplay, 21 Feb 2020InterestingThat "battery cooling" I speaked of, it actually is a vapor chamber that dissipates heat from the processor to the phone screen and while part of it is located over the battery, there is air and some plastic in between so battery heat dissipation is not that significant. There is a possibility that improvements in technology and design made 44W charging on a 5000mAh battery possible, but I will have to keep expanding my knowledge and will not reattempt answering this question at this point.

I replied to you and not the comment where I made these assumptions and statements, as I would not want to have "misled" you (I do not suppose you would believe there is battery cooling without doing some research on you own, hence the quotes), should my assumptions and statements be false.

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2020Samsung has done it in S20 Ultra and Nubia is also rumored ... moreInteresting

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IpsDisplay, 20 Feb 2020How is Vivo able to support 44w fast charging and still hav... moreSamsung has done it in S20 Ultra and Nubia is also rumored to do it in the Red Magic 5G.

The following are just theories. A 5000mAh battery will be bigger in capacity and physically than a 4000mAh one, but that will probably not be proportional. Phone makers are more likely to put a battery with higher energy density. Assuming the same charging speed and internal resistance (which affect heat produced), the 5000mAh one will take more time to charge, thus generating more heat over time. This heat will be concentrated in a similarly-sized space, thus the impact will be more important. Phones stop charging if battery gets too hot, but nobody (companies and consumers alike) would want a new battery that doesn't fully charge in one charging cycle due to heat. Fast charging speeds over large periods of time just isn't sustainable without adequate cooling. That being said, there is power draw management and phones don't charge at the same speed at all fill percentages, but that is mostly about battery health I think (tinkering with that would have some conesquences of its own).

So what all these phones probably have in common is a focus in cooling. I can't guarantee this cooling will be for the battery, but the Asus ROG Phone II that packs a 6000mAh battery with 30W charging has battery cooling.

Wow! China fanboys will be sheding tears of joy! Another marvelous cheap gadget! And pc like cooling! What a miracle! Even huawei-fsnboys must be green with envy!!
Lol, lol, lol!

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IpsDisplay, 20 Feb 2020How is Vivo able to support 44w fast charging and still hav... morethe answer is greed.. and its been for a long time

remember couple years ago, before blackshark/gaming phone exist, flagship phones mostly has around 3000-3300mah while at the same time, we could see plenty of entry and mid-range phones with at least 4000mah and some even have 5000mah.
Now, after blackshark exist with bigger battery while retain flagship spec, then all manufacturers must increase battery capacity on their mainstream-flagship (increased from 3300 to 4x00mah)

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If this is priced right, it can beat the Redmi K30 & Realme X50.

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That chin ew

Nothing's PC grade until you bring an actual fan or a proper liquid cooling setup.

Liar liar; vivo's phone on fire!

How is Vivo able to support 44w fast charging and still have a big 5000mah battery

While others have to shrink the battery to 4000mah

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LP760, 20 Feb 2020Probably in their next phone you can expect to see PC grade... moreIt won't be long till the rise of workstation phones either. Will it?

  • LP760

Vegetaholic, 20 Feb 2020Marleting of those cooling things is betond ridiculous. PC ... moreProbably in their next phone you can expect to see PC grade GPU marketing claims...that would defeat RTX 2080 in their own benchmarks....

Cheap marketing claims by these chinese companies.

Marleting of those cooling things is betond ridiculous. PC grade my ass

"PC-Grade" really....

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And of course, vivo will release it in other markets with yet a different name. Keep confusing people, vivo! You do it best! LOL