Samsung Galaxy A70 receives Android 10 update with One UI 2.0

20 February 2020
It follows in the footsteps of the A30 and A50s.

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Well thats great but i prob wont get it till 2 months later on my A70 here in the Uk

For example the 1st Jan update i only just got on 19th Feb so wont be till end of April for me

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    • hassan saudi arabia
    • g81
    • 22 Feb 2020

    Ketan26qq, 21 Feb 2020when come to galaxy a50?on 24 february

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      • Franco
      • T4p
      • 22 Feb 2020

      I have Galaxy A70 6/128 Ukraine (SEK) Version and i didn't see any OTA (Android 10) update.
      Current Version: A705FNXXU5ASL4 / A705FNOXM5ATA1 / A705FNXXU5ASL4
      Security Patch Level: 1 January 2020 (Android 9.0 / One UI Version 1.1)

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        • Faristo
        • sr%
        • 22 Feb 2020

        jdjta, 21 Feb 2020It seems to me this update was released by mistake. Yesterd... morewill a70 have android 10 and ui 2 ever??????

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          • Ketan26qq
          • DkH
          • 21 Feb 2020

          when come to galaxy a50?

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            • jdjta
            • yHx
            • 21 Feb 2020

            It seems to me this update was released by mistake. Yesterday I could find the update on the Samsung fota-server for one specific region (SEK, Ukraine (Kyvstar)) but before I was able to download it in the evening it was already gone and now it is nowhere to be found. It seems we'll have to wait (a bit?) longer...

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              • Kek
              • GBh
              • 21 Feb 2020

              Anonymous, 21 Feb 2020Installed Lawnchair + One UI icon pack for my Mate 10 Pro. ... moreI agree. My main issue with EMUI is that 'acrylic'-like look that Huawei tries to put over icons and stuff. Sometimes, it also feels really cluttered, too.
              Miui, Flyme and ColorOS look way better, although their performance might be unrealiable sometimes.

                Never come to a30 yet

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                  • Anonymous
                  • I@a
                  • 21 Feb 2020

                  Installed Lawnchair + One UI icon pack for my Mate 10 Pro. This phone's UI has never been this beautiful. EMUI sucks so bad.

                    Update was live between 9:00am to 3:30pm. Unfortunately it got pulled back. Some users received.