T-Mobile rolls out Android 10 update to the Galaxy S9 and Note9

25 February 2020
As expected, you're getting Samsung's One UI 2.0 on top.

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  • Magical Triangle

Still no update for the T-Mobile S9/S9+ 😒 this is getting ridiculous.

There are some hefty bugs in Sammy's Android 10. Enjoy!

GPS may cold load after restarting the phone, even when it claims it downloaded the almanac. This means the phone needs to remain fairly still for up to 15 minutes before GPS will start working.

WiFi randomly stops working. Internet apps will get sluggish, stop, and then the WiFi icon will have (!) next to it. After some time it will resume working again. Rebooting doesn't help.

WiFi Calling randomly turns on, even when WiFi isn't working.

WiFi might not auto-connect after rebooting.

The LTE signal bar doesn't make any sense for LTE+. It often shows full bars when there's only a few KB/sec of signal quality.

Plugging in USB devices generates Samsung ads for Windows software.

The Samsung Members app may run continuously in the background and fill up local storage with debug logs.

  • Anonymous

I've been waiting for this update for months and im excited to say it really improved my device, finally my 2018 phone feels like it's a 2020 phone

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2020OneUI 2.0 with Android 10. Same as OneUI 1.0 with Android Pie, ... moreFor me it was a improvement, it has smoother animations, new gestures, better haptis feedback and some tiny improvements that makes the experience better. No annoying notifications found here.

  • Anonymous

OneUI 2.0 with Android 10. Same as OneUI 1.0 with Android Pie, but with more annoying notifications.