Oppo Find X2 series confirmed to launch on March 6

25 February 2020
There will be at least two Find X2 phones.

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  • 25 Feb 2020

this is shaping to be the ultimate flagship. oppo has always good tech

    IpsDisplay, 25 Feb 2020I'd argue that sony has failed with its 4k screen implement... more2k is fhd. This is qhd

      I can wait until March 6th to decide on my new phone, maybe a little bit longer for a review to appear here to help me a bit more.

      In fact it will give the S20U users a chance to settle down and report back with real world feedback.

        I'd argue that sony has failed with its 4k screen implementation, Samsung and their 2k

        I'm normally tempted to say 2k displays or higher is just a battery draining gimmick

        But this phone is rumoured to have a co- processor to keep battery consumption in check and make life easier for the GPU in the 865 and all its power inefficiencies

        And i find it fitting since it was china especially Vivo (bbk electronics) that was the first to bring forth a 2k display in smartphones

          This is going to give tough competition to s20 series