iPhone XR was the most popular phone of 2019, Samsung leads the 5G market

26 February 2020
In terms of shipments, XR moved more units than the iPhone 8 it replaced and the iPhone 11 that came to replace it.

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  • Anonymous

PengHu, 28 Feb 2020You must be an old-fashioned person, many Chinese OEMs such... more3.5mm jack is not old fashioned, it's super Convenient. Plus our phones have IP DUST AND WATER RESISTANCE.

PengHu, 28 Feb 2020What utter crap, you must own an old-gen iPhone. Look at... moreRealme X50 pro has been a disappointment with same old camera using GW1.
EVEN S20 secondary camera (GW2) better than X50 pro main sensor.
Screen is weak and capped at 90hz.
Price is too high for budget flagship device like Realme.
Only good thing is the 65W fast charging.

Mi 10 Pro and Oppo Find X2 pro though look like proper flagships.

  • PengHu

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2020Apple is a laggy mess and chipset throttles after continuou... moreWhat utter crap, you must own an old-gen iPhone.

Look at its closest competitor, the S10 and Note 10, with its so-called 'Exynos' chipset. They are priced similarly as well.

This chipset can't even handle 60fps gaming, otherwise it throttles. I use games as a benchmark tool for how fast phones are.

S10/Note 10 already stutters at smooth extreme (or HDR Ultra) in PUBG Mobile. Even outdated iPhone XR can run at HDR Extreme, tried it already, go check some PUBG Mobile forums or the owners. And oh, the iPhone does not throttle unless you turn antialiasing on. You can't do that in the Samsung at all.

Shadowgun Legends, one of the most demanding games in Play /App Store, really stresses out the Samsung. Can't even run 60fps at smooth details in the S10. I tried it. And iPhone XR runs High graphics at 60fps easily.

Now undemanding games such as Armed Heist or Black Desert Mobile cannot even be played in the Samsung as well at maximum graphics. Again, the older iPhone XR just breezes through it with zero throttling.

Early builds of ios 13 does have thermal throttling issue, but this has since been adressed, although I have to admit it's quite embarassing for Apple and it took 2 months to fix it. But Samsung with its fingerprint sensor issue needed 6 months, only when a British guy with his S10 found out that peeling off the screen protector can trick the sensor.

Huawei P30 is also behind the iPhone in terms of gaming.

Only top dogs from Xiaomi and realme can. Oh, I'm actually not looking forward to iPhone 12 you know.

I'm looking forward to realme X50 Pro, Mi 10 Pro, and Oppo Find X2 Pro.

  • PengHu

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 28 Feb 2020If I were gonna buy a iPhone it would be Xr or 11, tough it... moreYou must be an old-fashioned person, many Chinese OEMs such as realme and Huawei already omit the 3.5mm jack. You forgot that earphones with jacks are more prone to sound crackling and the jack can catch dust, which can be difficult to clean.

Region lock is an issue with ios's Apple App Store, but it's also the case in Android's Google Play Store. But for Androids, you can just try out ApkPure, which is not an official app store, but has no restrictions and you can install apps you want.

  • MBenzPete

Interesting...there are no 'high end' phones in that top 10 bar Apple. People ony buy non-Apple phones when 'budget concious'.
Understandable though. We've long ago left a place where mid tier phones were not powerful enough. There's no real case to be made for high end phones except possibly for gaming. ANd the people that game don't - generally - have a disposable income of 1000+ USD to spend on a phone. Looks like Aplle has the high budget end pretty much sewn up.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

If I were gonna buy a iPhone it would be Xr or 11, tough its not really my tea since the iPhone had no jack since 6s and its so limited! Cannot even download all the apps I need in the damn store, why? Region locks and/or its not even there because iOS... =/

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2020The resale value argument is garbage. Coz in the real wor... moreAbsolutely! Buying 3 years old mobile in the market itself will be a huge bargain, that too slightly outdated iOS mobiles after 5 years, will be completely unusable. For example there is no way I would buy iPhone 6 or 6 plus, 6S family, 7 family or even 8 & X family except XR that too for very cheap bargain since iPhone 11 itself is competitive in pricing with its bum display. It’s all fantasy and myth making! Resale market is not predictable and beyond one year usage, the value gets drained faster due to warranty

I wonder how these guys gather their data... This is not reality..

[deleted post]13-50
I dunno man, you seem to not be aware of how most of people function. Or we just live in very different places

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PangHu, 27 Feb 2020That's what I meant. 3400 MAh in the S10 barely lasts 2 day... moreApple is a laggy mess and chipset throttles after continuous gaming.

Poor bug ridden software which takes years to fix, latest features that are given years later, lack of premium hardware, handicapped app developers, restricted OS, functionally challenged.

It doesn't get any more outdated than this. IPhone has become laughing stock of budget Android devices.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2020The resale value argument is garbage. Coz in the real wor... moreEither you are trolling or you genuinely have no idea what you are talking about (i.e. technology illiterate)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2020"So, if iPhone users so rich why do they need a phone that ... moreThe resale value argument is garbage.
Coz in the real world, only Apple brand boys will buy Apple products (usually for show off)
Most users who actually care about the usability and functionality of the phone will never buy a 5 year old phone let alone an iOS running device. Since iOS is playing catchup and is always 5 years late.

Think about it, I wouldnt even buy an Android phones from 5 years back since design will be old, most likely huge bezels, software isn't an issue since they run smooth(This isn't Android from 2011), Faster charging, multiple cameras, higher refresh rate screen, bigger battery, more efficient chipsets, better performance latest driver and codec support with newer HW,etc.

Besides I switch Android flagship phones every 12-18 months.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2020Yet the best sellers are the cheapest. SMH.... BTW samsung ... moreExtra, Extra, Read all about it: Lower Prices Sell Better SHOCKER! Boxster outsells 911; Porsche stunned. Samsung staggered, A10 sales crush every S10 model. Apple confounded; Xr, 11 beat 11 Pro/Max. More in Business, page 101.

  • Anonymous

Biki, 26 Feb 2020My iPhone XR which I got in 2018 December has a screen burn... moreHow on earth does an LCD get 'screen burn'? What does that even mean WRT that technology?

Pajson89, 27 Feb 2020this must be joke, i never saw anyone with iphone xr , who ... moreA lot of people. Trust me I worked in phone shop in UK and XR was best selling because people want new phone but they don't want to pay XS/ XS Max prices.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2020That's what you get with androids - snake oil. The freed... moreExactly same when you buy PC instead of Mac.

And i own PC and never owned Mac, but facts are facts.

  • Anonymous

Kriegsherr, 27 Feb 2020I am suffering from the same problem with my exynos S10e. I... moreThat's what you get with androids - snake oil.

The freedom, the customization options, the "free apps", etc.
Which translates to poor low vs actual hardware (unoptimised OS), unverified apps, malware, spyware, bloatware, launchers and icon packs that work 90% of the time but not 100%, "free apps" and cheap devices which are all ridden with adware services.

Dipped my toes in the android world for 2 years. Not going back to that cesspool of an 'ecosystem' anytime soon.

  • PangHu

Kriegsherr, 27 Feb 2020I am suffering from the same problem with my exynos S10e. I... moreThat's what I meant. 3400 MAh in the S10 barely lasts 2 days, the iPhone 11 does. I did not regret switching to an iPhone 11. Only complaints are the subpar 326ppi LCD screen (which is at fixed 60Hz) and lack of telephoto camera, but hey, it's cheaper than my S10, let alone a S10e (and Apple products are supposedly the most expensive). I was a Fandroid with Samsung as I had an issue with build quality (mute switch and metal build) in the old iPhones. But Apple did really step this up while Samsung is falling behind, especially performance.

I normally use demanding games such as PUBG Mobile to benchmark the devices I use (my friends also does this, so and many people).

Even an iPhone XR can run HDR Extreme (60fps) with no stuttering or lag, despite some heat build up (using antialiasing can cause frame drops, not recommended). I can confirm this as a member from a PUBG Mobile Facebook group has mentioned this a long time ago.

My S10 at HD resolution and CPU speed limiter off cannot even play smoothly at smooth extreme or HDR Ultra (40fps). Already killed background apps and didn't help. That's painful. I tried the disable HW overlays trick in dev settings, but it does give a toll om battery life and the effect is not too significant (GPU is not powerful enough for this). Already heard a friend's friend using S10+ and has reported lag in games and battery drain.

You know that bad performance can often negatively impact battery life as the processor/SoC needs to work harder.

I also dislike bloatware and adware Samsung puts in my S7 and S10. Has seen Samsung Push Service and Samsung Gift (you can get shopping, hotel, etc. vouchers sponsored by Samsung, and is usually available in SE Asia and preinstalled in all recent Samsung phones). The ads can be intrusive, although it can be turned off.

Meanwhile, Apple does NOT place any ads in their iPhone, let alone the (rubbish and tasteless) iPod Touch. However; I must complain about customisations, ex. volume controls are impractical and pain in the ass.

For other phones, I have been reported bugs in MIUI (my friend owns a Mi A2 and a user with a K20 Pro from a forum). Tested the Oppo Reno 2Z sometime ago, English translations are not perfect, but maybe negligible. Huawei also lacks Google and some proprietary apps need Google Services to work, sideloading is not reliable. Gaming phones has OS which lack updates/support. And also heard ROG Phone 1 with cracked screens even when handled with care. Vivo V17 has wobbly popup camera, I have tested that one too.

So in the end every phone has a weakness, but why insult iPhones? Apple did had a bad reputation in the past but it has improved a lot recently, except accessories and servicing (the Apple ecosystem, I try not to be too engaged to it)

  • Anonymous

Luxor, 27 Feb 2020So, if iPhone users so rich why do they need a phone that l... more"So, if iPhone users so rich why do they need a phone that last for 5 years?? Then, these iPhone users be like calling Android users poor who actually switch phone more often than iPhone users. *smh"

You know if your phone last 5 years and it will get OS updates for many years, the re-sell price going to be lot higher, because you are selling product which is still supported.

Android users doesn't switch phones more often, or if they do they just switch between cheap models, which kind a make sense, because they get out support. android flagship sales proves that android users are actually upgrading their phones very rarely.

  • Anonymous

Luxor, 27 Feb 2020So, if iPhone users so rich why do they need a phone that l... moreIn my counrty many poor people use iphone and rich people use android phones. It matters what phone you want forget about price.