Google applies for license to let it continue do business with Huawei

26 February 2020
Should Google be given an exemption Huawei could have Google Services immediately.

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  • Anonymous

The only they can get a license is if Trump loses the election in November and ends his stupid trade war. Maybe they'll work towards that.

  • Safi

Literally, tears came in my eyes. Old friends are coming together again but the cruel world is between them.

  • Curtomac

How about instead of stopping US companies from working with Huawei why not just ban the sales of their phones in the US so all other countries are not stopped from using those amazing phones.

  • Sean

Oh please let this happen,we need as many phone makers as possible on the market. And Huawei is innovative

  • Anonymous

Fayaboy, 26 Feb 2020Google is loosing money from the ban. Cos at the end the day peo... moreEveryone is loosing money from this ban - Google, Huawei and every developer who uploads game or app in the Google Play Store...

  • Fayaboy

Google is loosing money from the ban. Cos at the end the day people using Huawei devices will still side load google apps. It also encourages the creators of such side loaded apps even create more as their market of users have increased.

like Jessie J said on her song years ago : its all about the money money.
google will gain billions from selling their apps to huawei, even if it was not on all their phones.

kupo, 26 Feb 2020Oh no! With GMS + HMS = double spying + double battery hog. Just... morelol

Oh no! With GMS + HMS = double spying + double battery hog. Just like Xiaomi phone, their phone seem last quicker than comparable phone with same capacity battery because of GMS + Xiaomi Service Framework.

BROKEASS TECH, 26 Feb 2020The Huawei Mate Xs and the P40 should be granted Google play ser... moreagreed

The Huawei Mate Xs and the P40 should be granted Google play services and apps.

Honor and lower end Huawei phones will be continued to be banned by the admimistration.

In the long run, Huawei will have to go it alone and stand on its own without the partnership with Google which will eventually damage android and hit Googles bottom line.

There are no friends out here in phone land and Google knows that better than anyone. Best bet is to go all in with microsoft and the Neo / Duo smart devices and make sure that both companies apps play an equal role on each others platforms going forward, as when the asian states combine their resources, its going to be a bumpy ride for growth in the market for everyone and my money is not on the west gaining the upper hand this time.

No. Force them to bring their "Own OS" like they stated they would and alternative services.

Was, this sounds awful.

  • Anonymous

i hope not soon because huawei sell phoneq now with low price and good spec also we dont need GSM anymore

Do they really need GMS? I hope that huawei will just fully develop their OS and make HMS better - they are already on the right direction and they are in the best position to create a new alternative and at least put up a fight with Google and Apple.

Huawei can and is also in the best position to get support from fellow Chinese brands to install their OS in their devices - if that happens then for sure these American companies would feel the effect of their ignorance and self importance, after all, the world doesnt revolve around the US alone. Its about time that they know that.

The tech world shouldnt be a duopoly - people should have choices. I am excited for what Huawei can offer in the future.

lets suppose if i was Huawei .and the license is granted .
google-. lets continue
gogle -why not
me -we already have hms .
google - please ...
me - its okay i can do it but we will continue hms for cheaper honor devices and we will use gms for flagship Huawei devices .

huawei meed to learn from this and not depend on Google fully . best of luck huawei . .
i guess this time it will be granted not to benefit huawei but to benefit google to keep away from hackers . ?
what do you think guys ?