Weekly poll: Sony asks for a second chance with Xperia 1 II and Xperia 10 II

01 March 2020
The brand's popularity has waned in recent years, but the two Xperia Mark II models may just be what users have been waiting for.

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Honestly this is the phone to get!

No-notch/no-hole punch display

proper front firing speakers

quality hi-res display, 21:9

3.5mm jack

great cameras with Zeiss optics, 4k60 HDR video recording ( way better than 8k30)

classy design which is lighter and slimmer than others

256gb base with expandable storage

Capacitive FP scanner (side mounted)

Good software experience that is close to stock.

definitely gonna get this one

My wallet says : I'll PASS !
Flagships are for high-class citizens whose ego is higher than high, eat every day at expensive restaurants, buy clothes from "Luis Vuitton" and buy Rimowa Luggage for the trips at exotic places.

For the rest of us (95%), there is a huge variety of low-mid class phones...

  • ewki

only 8GB of RAM ( 12 would be ok / 16 perfect )
UFS 2.1 ( should be 3.0 )
hybrid slot instead od dedicated dual sim
and no 8K recording

all that means I will pass .

Xperia 1 II is a great device but I just hate the 21:9 screen, expecting a 18:9 6.6" screen

  • Anonymous

Norris, 01 Mar 2020Xperia 1 II camera samples, have the same visible problems with ... moreShould shadows be bright now?
Are you aware if you use auto mode on professional cameras it will choose foreground in expense of background?

Navy blue of sky in s20 ultra daylight photos does not seem real to me.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2020S20+ is priced Lower in US (on directly converting, besides Sony... moreThere is no 1:1 conversion.
X1 was 1000 euros and 945 dollars.

  • Norris

Xperia 1 II camera samples, have the same visible problems with dark shadows and overexposed background. (
Sony still does not know how to work with their camera

Bad timing for Sony and Nokia
Product Announcement: Mid-February
Release of Product: Mid-May

By then almost all have bought Samsung S20 and Huawei, One Plus devices.
Apple die hard fans will wait for their device in October.

The big losers here are Sony and Nokia. Bad Timing !

  • Dru

Probably the last of Sony.. Is it just me but seems like Japanese have forgotten how to make a good electronics anymore. Just like Nokia, Kodak and many more living off the past successes and slowly fading away. Just sad.

  • Anonymous

Shanti Dope, 01 Mar 2020Take this, the S20+ (non-5G) retails for around the same price a... moreS20+ is priced Lower in US (on directly converting, besides Sony usually does 1 to 1 conversion so that makes it 1200 in US based on that too) so your point is moot in that sense. No one cares if the price is lower in Azerbaijan or Czechoslovakia. Sony will probably be selling 10 phones there, so let them have it

Xperia is an amazing phone, not going to lie, but couldn't they make a version with 1080p, 120 hz/90 hz display and price is 999? What is premise for their premium price point? They don't market as much as Samsung or apple.

If you think apple does not market phones, look in their financial statements.... Their marketing budget is worth more than sales of entire Sony mobile.

You talk about this one being for so called pro-sumers, yet most guys at Hollywood or film directors use iPhones or Galaxy notes. I don't see the master series listed on their home page. That directly means that the phone is a layman consumer product. It is good one at that, but others do it better, which is why they sell

Let's make a comparison of things better in each phone for those people defending the $1400 price of s20 ultra and saying xperia is overpriced
Higher resolution display
Better aspect ratio
Better design and colours
Side mounted fps
Better cameras
Front facing stereo speakers
Double storage in base version
3.5 mm jack

Higher refresh rate
Better telephoto camera
More ram and storage options
Better 5G connectivity
8k video recording (pretty useless for 99% users)
Bigger battery but disappointing battery life
Wireless reverse Charging
Faster chargin

  • Anonymous

Who knows, 01 Mar 2020And stop lying.. Sony 1 II has lpddr4x ram LOL .... I am big liar.

- I knew XZ2 Premium had monochrome weeks before announcement. How do I know it also had WRGB and 144Hz screen if no tech site reported?
- I knew X1 had 12MP before MWC
- i know imx555 is gen6 (best Sony semicon factory process), imx686 is gen2
- Xperia Pro has few special heat management hardware

How do I know Xperia 1 ii ultra wide is imx563? There are lots of 12Mp 1/2.6 Dual pixel sensors out there.

How do I know 10 ii has same main camera used by 10+?

Oooooopssss ......

  • YogiBear83

Who knows, 01 Mar 2020And stop lying.. Sony 1 II has lpddr4x ram Why U so aggressive?

  • Anonymous

What numbskulls marked "the perfect flagship"? 19.5:9 is tall as it is. Why not go back to good old 18:9 or even 16:9? I mean it's not like you're gonna be using anything taller more productive. Why not use that width for e-book/pdf reading rather than scrolling through cuckbook, tswatter? Heck even post-a-gram could use that squarer screen better.

  • Kek

The only problem with Xperia 1ii is price. At 1000$, it could have been a solid option with all the features it has. Again, this is Sony, so perhaps preorder goods might lower the price at the end.

Xperia 10ii has also the same problem. At 300-350$ would have been a great price for what it offers, but having it priced near 500$ is a bad motorola strategy that could backfire badly

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2020So, according to you if Apple spends $600 to make iphone and fo... moreBecause people are easily fooled nowdays

LG Superfan, 01 Mar 2020No doubt Xperia 1 II is a great flagship but they priced it too ... moreS20 ultra is better only for telephoto camera and higher refresh rate everything else is better on xperia like front facing spekers,design,looks,side mounted fps,higher resolution display,lighter in weight and I am sure that the battery endurance will be better than the gimmicky S20 ultra.

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2020Xperia 1 II has ddr5 and ufs3.0 .... And stop lying.. Sony 1 II has lpddr4x ram

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2020Xperia 1 II has ddr5 and ufs3.0 .... That isn't confirmed yet and yes s20 come with lpddr5 ram for the first time in industry.