Weekly poll: Sony asks for a second chance with Xperia 1 II and Xperia 10 II

01 March 2020
The brand's popularity has waned in recent years, but the two Xperia Mark II models may just be what users have been waiting for.

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  • YogiBear83

When I compare S10 to XZ3 in terms of bulit and material quality I was shocked how poor Samsung device really is.

Guys we've reached a 300 comment, pleace dont comment anymore, let the number stay even.
Wait! Now st 301? God damn it!

BliTTzZ, 02 Mar 2020So you don't want to buy a phone simply because it's not adverti... morelol nope, I see on the features that I actually need. Since I sketch often, Note series is my perfect choice for now. But then again, people who just need the generic things like good screens, battery life, speedy and durable dont even know this phone exist. even oppo and vivo which are fairly new has beaten sony entirely.

LOL, 04 Mar 202021:9 is just awkward on a phone. Sony tries to be clever and gam... moreI have'nt held an X1 or X5 to be honest but users claims it's comfortable and great for splitscreen. The new moto razor is 21:9 but i agree that 21:9 is awkward. i'm good with 18:9 on the xz3 it's just big due to screen size and bezels. So far s10e is the best compact we can get in the market today.

  • NKB69

Wish they brought back 16by9 screens and Sim+Sim+SD
also, please stop rounding the corners of the screen....
Otherwise, sexy AF... hope I can find it and afford it (dual SIM model)

  • Anonymous

Nick Tagataka, 03 Mar 2020That's such a reliable source of information lmfao.That successor to Tann makes me laugh with his comments.

  • LOL

Eldamri, 03 Mar 2020Knowing Sony, they will not go back to 18:9 so i'm ready to acce... more21:9 is just awkward on a phone. Sony tries to be clever and gambled that other phone makers would also adopt 21:9 on their phones. Didn't happen.

My opinion is that 19.5:9 is the best for a bezelless design. And depending on the bezel size, 18:9 or 16.9 for non-bezelless design. A few millimeters make a lot of difference.

  • LOL

Sony's flaws are the following:

1) Software: photography post-processing and frequency/quality of Android upgrades. I see some XZ2 users complaining about the problems caused by the Android 10 upgrade.

2) Too long a wait between official announcement and actual phone availability in shops. Apple and Samsung have set the gold standard: one week for pre-orders, two weeks for worldwide availability. Sony, supposedly a big company, should have no reason to do likewise.

3) The Sony brand tax, which affects the competitiveness of the midrange (X10m2) and lowrange (L4) phones. Sony will have to sell them at near-zero profit and make money from services instead.

Dometalican, 02 Mar 2020The first two pieces of tech aren't ready yet dude. Calm yourself.and when they get ready it's going to demand $ 2,000.

RN, 03 Mar 2020U meant... 18:9 is a maximum?Knowing Sony, they will not go back to 18:9 so i'm ready to accept a 21:9 compact phone. If they release an upgrade to XZ2C with minimal bezels and a 5.2 or 5.3" 18:9 i will go with it since it would be smaller.

Only Xperia L4 has confirmed price at 199 EUR. While prices of Xperia 1 II and Xperia II are speculation.

The poll questions for the midranger are premature. Need to see how it performs, not just the specs. Will GSMA give it a full review?

Eldamri, 03 Mar 2020Hear us Sony. We've been waiting for the compact. I want somethi... moreI agree, a phone to compete with S10e would be a good niche for SONY.

I love that new flagship with right improvements, but why €1200 tho, also where's the 960fps slowmotion?

Eldamri, 03 Mar 2020Hear us Sony. We've been waiting for the compact. I want somethi... moreU meant... 18:9 is a maximum?

optimizer, 03 Mar 2020Alpha Camera tech doesn't come cheap. lolnow after read your comment, I think so

Hear us Sony. We've been waiting for the compact. I want something that will compete with the s10e. xperia 5 is too tall it's the same height as my XZ3.

5.5" 21:9 with minimal bezels.

  • optimizer

Alpha Camera tech doesn't come cheap. lol

  • Zteam

Just out of curiosity: did Sony drop Super slowmotion 960 fps videe recording on Xperia 1 Mark 2?

Can't find it anywhere in the specs on Sonys website.
Anyway, looks like a great flagship but very pricey.

  • Anonymous

Let's play a game: if anyone can practically justify here how UFS3 and LDPPR5 RAM makes their life on the phone easier over UFS2.1 and LDPPR4 I will personally purchase and ship her or him Galaxy S20 Ultra as long as their live in EU or USA/Canada. I'm not kidding cause at the same time I know no can justify such thing.