Weekly poll: Sony asks for a second chance with Xperia 1 II and Xperia 10 II

01 March 2020
The brand's popularity has waned in recent years, but the two Xperia Mark II models may just be what users have been waiting for.

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  • Dometalican

sanshiro, 02 Mar 2020It's very expensive at $ 1,200 No Graphite Battery, No Under-Di... moreThe first two pieces of tech aren't ready yet dude. Calm yourself.

Mike, 02 Mar 2020There are no samples as of yet, what you've seen is marketing ma... moreComputational photography usually refers very processor intensive image processing, such as image fusion with local pixel alignment, rapid image stacking from a buffer, more advanced noise reduction algorithms/auto WB/tone curve adjustment using machine learning etc. On a phone camera it's not limited to but mainly used in HDR processing, hence people use the term to differentiate from more traditional HDR approaches on dedicated cameras or desktop apps.

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2020I did not say Sony was first to use monochrome. I said I knew t... moreWell your sayings are not facts at all.. And Xperia 1 II doesn't have LPDDR5 ram or UFS 3.0

  • BeeAnt

They still seem to not include gyroscope on their midrange model. This indicates that "intelligent active" is still exclusive for flagships.

This is not cool. Take a look at Galaxy A71 or even A51. They have "super steady" on them. Sure it's a trade with the IP rating. But for me personally, I would choose video quality over proofing.

how come they ask if you whant a bigger smartphone? How about a smaler one? i would love a smartphone like the Xperia 5 mini. Those where real smartphones.

  • Mike

Norris, 01 Mar 2020Xperia 1 II camera samples, have the same visible problems with ... moreThere are no samples as of yet, what you've seen is marketing material shot on X1II prototype and then edited in the post, that's why it looks so good.

What you are referring to overexposed background is called spot metering when the subject in the focus gets the right amount of light at the expense of the environment. When whole image is even it's called multimetering and that's where phone sensors struggle so instead the do what everyone calls computational photography which is completely wrong term for it cause it's HDR stacking with tone mapping. That's how you get even lighting in the sky, subject and the background, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't cause it looks fake as hell.

Sony does have problem with containing highlights that's been the issue since day one but their shadows have a nice lift as details are preserved in sunny conditions but not at night. It's Pixel 3 that does very deep shadows almost pitch black but they fixed it with Pixel 4

It's very expensive at $ 1,200
No Graphite Battery, No Under-Display Camera, Still Bezels. Camera results (because Sony still fails with camera) = No $ 1,200 , sorry !

Shanti Dope, 01 Mar 2020Missed that part. Apologize. But the point still remains - if S... more'People have been spoiled by lower quality Chinese branded phones that cost ridiculously low, that they no longer know how to analyze a true quality product.'
- Well, no. I jumped ship from my last Xperia, the Z5 to Honor 8 Pro. Guess what? It literally kills every Xperia's i've own. Camera quality, features, screen, battery capacity & life, for about 1/3 price of X Performance that i'm about to buy. I'm a bit skeptical at first, but then its the right choice i made, all the way to Mate 20 now.

'Marketing didn't even add that much value to the phones' pricings. Apple don't even do as much marketing as Samsung, yet their prices are overbearing.'
- Again, no. Marketing does involve a lot of money, & Apple is no exception. Literally u can see its ad everywhere, same as Samsung. So if for now Xperia 1ii priced at £1200 without any marketing money spent, would you be okay if it priced at £1500 when it does marketing the same as Samsung & Apple does?

The thing is, everyone got their own opinion based on experience, as I does. Dont jump to the conclusion that u never know how good other brands are, by blindly defending Sony alone. Competition gap are very close as of now. Especially when it comes to PRICE.

Mike, 02 Mar 2020No, no & no. Xiaomi is cheap cause they share the blueprint,... moreTBH I haven't seen any innovations from Sony in a while and Xiaomi phones are of high quality just try one sure there are some corners cut but those are minor and won't significantly affect your experience and they aren't behind other in places that matter like camera, display, battery life etc

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2020Better than LG Q series. Where do I find a midrange with oled,... moreWhy are you comparing a low end brand to Sony? You better compare them woth Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, Realme and Samsung

  • Anonymous

As a previous owner of xperia z1compact i would say I'm very satisfied with the phone for particular reason that it is compact and waterproof. What Im not satisfied is the service they provide at service centers, they juice you as much as the could and offer the worst service. I paid 100USD for screen replacement and they replace my cracked screen with an old spare parts. I like their phones but their after service is the reason for me give it a NO.

  • Anonymous

"But will you get one?"

Yes, I will.
Almost got the Mark I, but lack of wireless charging and the reports of fingerprint sensor issues held me back. (OK - I did not like the headsets that were bundled in my region either).

Also, my XZ Premium is still working great, so I can wait :)

Alex, 02 Mar 2020Pros: Perfect Minimalistic Design, Flat and not too wide display... moreThere is a leak from Thailand factory worker that Xperia 1 II has LDDR5 and UFS 3.0
But still specs are not everything. There are phones that use UFS 2.1 and are faster than other phones with UFS 3.0
Software optimization and quality of hardware components also matters.

Volca, 02 Mar 2020No matter how good the phone is, Sony is always terrible in thei... moreSo you don't want to buy a phone simply because it's not advertised enough?

  • Alex

Pros: Perfect Minimalistic Design, Flat and not too wide display. Cons: Where is UFS 3.0, LPDDR5?

Both are too expensive.
Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro can be bougfht from 200 bucks and i way Way WAY Faw way better than sony midranger phone.
Same goes for flagship sony.
Nubia red magic, upcomming blackshark and many else phones like Oneplus 7T all of them are way better.
Mate 30 pro as well even without google services.

  • Jozo

And this shows that you never should listen to customers.
For years every discussion is full of people claiming “I want small flagship”, but I bet that even those people in the end didn’t buy small Sony flagships, and they always find some excuse why not.
Now Sony delivered basically check list of the fanboys dreams, but even the rich one will go and pay the same money for Samsungs.

  • YogiBear83

Vegetaholic, 02 Mar 2020You people are ludicrous. You need to laern about computers firs... moreyeah sure.

YogiBear83, 02 Mar 2020I read comments and I dont believe what I just read. If u have t... moreYou people are ludicrous. You need to laern about computers first before you are aloud to comment. Ram is basically a chip, which does not matter how many RAM it has it will sip same power if you use 1gb or 8gb. That is all the point of efficient RAM, does not matter how much you have it will be same power draw. Just want to laugh reading this comments

  • YogiBear83

ZolaIII, 02 Mar 2020It's not per cell regulated, its per memory chip. LPDDR5 is made... moreYes but we speak about the same type of memory, 8GB ddr5 vs 12GB ddr5.