Nokia N9 rumored to get PR1.3 update by the end of May

29 April, 2012
The PR1.3 update for the MeeGo-powered phone will reportedly bring many surprises.

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  • AnonD-49722

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2012 morehahha, steve wozniacks just a man......

  • AnonD-49722

mUntada, 29 Apr 2012What a beautiful device! If it only ran on Android / Windows...what do you mean?
meego is for nokia i think

  • Anonymous

passa, 29 Apr 2012Apparently n9 does have the hardware for it. So is it too much t... moreI just want to point out that meego is literally being worked on by a team of about 10-15 people. hence why it will never become a big deal. If Meego's own creator is backing it, no one will.... just sayin...

  • jinga

windows mobile sucks!!! is not a match for both Andriod and Apples ios in the next five years. Nokia made a mistake but it is not too late to go back to the drawing board. Andriod is still not stables even with the latest ICS. if one-tenth of the resources given to Andriod os is being channeled to Meego, Meego will definitely out shines Andriods os in virtually every department, Meego is da BOMB!!!

  • sophea anusa

I've been a fan of Nokia for over ten years but after I use Samsung Galaxy note I'll never come back Nokia. Nokia is slow touch slow speed bad sensor no good in ovi market if compare between Ovi and Android market is 0.1 vs 1000

  • passa

Apparently n9 does have the hardware for it. So is it too much to ask to make the FM transmitter run. Fm transmitter is def a big deal in terms of features. Def one of the features I'm currently missing in my n9.

PS - where are all the haters who said Meego was dead and no support would be shown by Nokia ??!
Two major updates and the third one on the way. Talk about updates and support! Ha!
N9 truly is by far the best phone on the current market!


Wow! I can't wait to get ma phone updated with PR1.3. Nokia should make a U-turn back to Meego because Window is a sub-standard OS. I can never dream of using a WINDOW PHONE, IMPOSSIBLE!!!

  • Tizen Takeover

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2012All the noise bout nokia dumpin symbian n meego seems to fade wi... moreIt does seem like Mark Asataari and the MeeGo department do have something in store. If so, and Nokia starts back supporting MeeGo, I will go back to Supporting Nokia.

  • Anonymous

All the noise bout nokia dumpin symbian n meego seems to fade wit so much updates they r providin,it seems nokia is tryin to dev a strategy which pple havnt understood yet...i tink the finnish giants hav a surprise,esp in the comin years.lets wait n see.

  • AnonD-28873

no doubt for nokia in supporting their devices after they released... Thats why its worth the money buying a nokia. I bought my n8 1 1/2 years ago and still theres an update still on process.. Can't wait for the v111.040.0904

  • Anonymous

nokia is the master of industrial design. the most beautiful range of mobiles, materials,colors,accesories

  • Andrei

The rumor regarding PR 1.3 is a bit old, but from another Nokia related source, I found out that May or June are slated to be the launch date. First it will hit the N950 (as PR1.1 and 1.2 did) and after that it will be launched to the general public.

  • No Elop

Fired Elop and WP

  • mUntada

What a beautiful device! If it only ran on Android / Windows...

  • venugopal singri

what bout Nokia n900 ,any updates for n900 ?

  • tommy dee

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2012read the title - N9 RUMORED to get PR1.3 update by the end of may. *rumoured

  • Anonymous

AnonD-30817, 29 Apr 2012Hope video calling and FM radio is enabled with the new update. ... morei have installed sigma equalizer from nokia market. is free and make a big difference from the standard player. the bands are individual and boost very much the sound. it sound identical as bass,treble,volume level with the new htc one s with beats, i just compared both side by side one day ago, and i was very surprized by the audio potential of nokia n9

  • Anonymous

will it support native 3G video calling?

  • AnonD-30817

Hope video calling and FM radio is enabled with the new update. With all the hardware present, its very surprising that Nokia didnt enable them, as even the N900 had it when it was launched 2-3 yrs back.

The update should have the following
1) Video calling and Skype video calling
2) better camera image processing
3) no lag in notifications
4) Equalizer for Music
5) Copy-paste functionality from e-mails as well, and option to open in maps,word, copy etc.