Redmi Note 9 series coming on March 12

02 March 2020
The next-gen Redmi Note series will come with a new four-camera setup, premium design and overhauled performance.

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I hope it doesn't have an eye-straining and headache-inducing AMOLED display. And I'm praying for no notch or punch-holes.

Xiaoxi, 02 Mar 2020This is what I hate about xiaomi!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blindly copying an... moreIn what way?

Code016, 02 Mar 2020Sacrificing one feature for another is not an upgrade. Especiall... moreGo then for another brand and pay 30% more for less.

Same design as Redmi K30 maybe...

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Great anticipation for a Dimensity chip based unit with a quality IPS screen. Anything other than a Dimensity chip for this segment will be a disappointment. (Qualcomm simply doesn't any competitive chips for this segment.) Keep the IPS screen option, too.

As the new novels of redmi note Series come,it's design becoming bad only I like design of Redmi note 8 and 8t

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2020Ok then samsung offers a super amoled in the same price with a ... moreNobody here said Samsung didn't, so what's your point?

And when it comes down to value for money, Samsung galaxy A31, for instance, gets bruised and battered by Redmi note 8 pro.

PriteshThakker, 02 Mar 2020K20 and K20 pro faced criticism for high price... K20 was launch... moreThey could've fixed that with putting more "premium" features and selling it in the same price instead of making it with "lesser premium features" just to lower the price. They should've named K30 as K30 Lite and make the regular K30 with higher specs than K20. I'm just saying what makes sense when you do continuation of a series and K30 don't make any sense to me. And on top of that, them rebadging that K30 as Poco X2 is just hilarious.

CompactPhones5ever, 02 Mar 2020Anyone wants to bet that it will have that utterly idiotic and u... moreCount me in. A lot of phone companies do this these days for the sake of something

Alex 94, 02 Mar 2020Lcd but with 120hz refresh rate. With high ref.rate phone is fas... moreSacrificing one feature for another is not an upgrade. Especially when it has a downside...

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Realme on march 5.

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2020I think it's gonna be 10 8 megapixel according to their own stat... moreU may b right because now redmi note series match on camera so that 108mp we can expect

Sina, 02 Mar 2020aluminum chassis...back glass four camera...2mp macro+depth and... moreMay be u r write

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Cyberchum, 02 Mar 2020Yes, it'd be an epic disappointment because a redmi note has had... moreOk then samsung offers a super amoled in the same price with a great decent performance rather than that xiaomi's cheap blue coloured lcd.

Stormrider, 02 Mar 2020If it is released with an lcd, it will be an epic disappointmentYes, it'd be an epic disappointment because a redmi note has had an OLED panel before?

Why will any sane person mindlessly expect a OLED panel for note 9 when the K30 didn't even have it?

If there's gonna be an epic disappointment, it will be YOU!

Ooinaru, 02 Mar 2020Hmm, not that many month since they launched the 8 series redmi ... moreXiaomi probably wouldn't be doing that if it's not good for their company. Or you think you know business better and can run it better?

Code016, 02 Mar 2020Ooh i wish it's true. I thought K30 should be better than K20 ri... moreK20 and K20 pro faced criticism for high price... K20 was launched in India for INR 22k

So this year, they launched K30 with lesser premium features at INR 16k. Obviously, they will have to cut corners to be at lower price compared to previous model

With RN9/Pro, the situation is different.

Love the Community, 02 Mar 2020Leave it as is for the minority. Never in my experience needs to... moreWell thats your opinion.
I agree why but i rather have dust and liquid hole less phone.

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I will go to United States. And buy a new phone. Sad that Xiaomi phones aren't available there. They sell only iPhone and Samsung. Or I will try to find an OnePlus phone.

Bobby_gBG, 02 Mar 2020The last ~3 years Redmi Note comes 2 times per year - each 6 mon... moreIt been so only for 2018, 2 devices (Note5/Pro and Note 6/Pro) and then again 2019 (Note 7/Pro and Note 8/Pro)... Not 3 years.... before that 2017 was ruled by Note4

Let's see for 2020 as how it goes