Xiaomi seeds Android 10 to Mi A3, quickly pulls it back

02 March 2020
Due to many issues with the OS, the phone is only getting the new security package currently.

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  • 03 Mar 2020

Its my pleasure GSMArena to give you information for Android 10 update on Xiaomi A3 (India). Thanks a lot for reading my email and mention in that post. And by the way after updating to Android 10 my phone is working good.

    Well that's weird, updated my MI A3 to android 10 last few days ago and it's been working fine so far. Tho i am using it as a secondary phone but still it is very responsive just like before.

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      • 03 Mar 2020

      Xiaomi a2 lait ?

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        • 03 Mar 2020

        Typical Xiaomi - no quality control at all.

          Meanwhile all Nokia 2019 phones already got their Android 10 updates, and then there is Xiaomi.

            Domestoboto, 03 Mar 2020For context, Mi Note 10 was announced (and released) in Nov... moreYour comparison is disjointed and has no correlation at all. Oneplus' has no say on what Xiaomi's Android version should be nor Xiaomi is obliged to follow what Oneplus does. They did not violate any Google laws/agreement by releasing Mi Note 10 with Android 9 on the 4th quarter of 2019. IF you think that Xiaomi is violating the OS agreement, report them to Google if you have concrete basis on your concern, in which you don't have. Thinking that Xiaomi should operate like OP is already a wrong premise, they're different company after all. IF you want Oneplus support, then buy a Oneplus phone, easy.

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              • 03 Mar 2020

              DroidBoye, 03 Mar 2020Woah. 2 year warranty? That's unheard of? What region are you?In Europe the warranty is 2 years.

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                • 03 Mar 2020

                Xiaomi update for Android One phone has always been try & error, it has been since 2017 when there launch MiA1, many would have remember the Oreo update on 31st Dec 2017, a total disaster & it took them 6 months to have it rectify.

                I doubt that there would be a MiA4

                  DroidBoye, 03 Mar 2020Google only enforced the Android 10 as starter OS on 2020. ... moreFor context, Mi Note 10 was announced (and released) in November '19, OOTB it had Android 9.

                  OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro were announced and sold two months BEFORE the Mi Note 10 (September '19), and they *still* both came with Android 10 out of the box.

                  What's Xiaomi's excuse, then?

                    The way Xiaomi has handled updates for its One series phones has been a disaster. Looks like they've allocated an absolute minimum number of developers to handle updates and everything.

                      Kek, 02 Mar 2020Seeing how Nokia also got tons of issues with Android 10 up... moreThere are lots of bugs and regressions in Android 10. IF users want Android's latest and greatest bugs, they should opt for pixels.

                        AnonD-908380, 02 Mar 2020Or they intentionally sent out a faulty update to piss peop... moreXiaomi just have their Android One as their least of priorities. Their mainline will always be MIUI.

                          Anonymous, 02 Mar 2020Xiaomi is a joke: Not only did the Mi Note 10 ship with And... moreGoogle only enforced the Android 10 as starter OS on 2020. Smartphones release at 4th quarter of 2019 can still be shipped using Pie. Manufacturers actually abuses this rule and spams smartphone releases before 2019 ends.

                            Anonymous, 02 Mar 2020Had same problem with 9 SE. Got a new unit since Xiaomi off... moreWoah. 2 year warranty? That's unheard of? What region are you?

                              Xiaomi is REALLY working hard to make Stock Android LOOK BAD and prop up their ad-ridden MIUI phones.

                              Notice how practically NONE of their MIUI-based Android 10 updates have been pulled back, how many more MIUI phones got Android 10 before Mi A3, and how other OEM updates to Android 10 such as from Nokia, OnePlus, and even Samsung didn't result in such widespread issues.

                                People buying cheap smartphones and expecting high quality stuff. Now here's your freaking high-quality update you donkey.

                                  Xiaomi just gives a sample update for those update zombies that asks and even threatens the company in the forums because of not releasing the update early. Goodluck rolling that back.

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                                    • 02 Mar 2020

                                    Anonymous, 02 Mar 2020What reputation ? They are a cheap Chinese brand releasing ... moreLol, exactly! You just nailed it !!

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                                      • 02 Mar 2020

                                      This is a frequent occurrence with Android One devices, because phone-makers are very much constrained by AndriodOne requirements and don't have the full control of the update process. There is no need for Xiaomi to participate in AndroidOne, and a simple solution for Xiaomi is to exit AndriodOne project completely.

                                        Anonymous, 02 Mar 2020Based on my experience with the Mi Note 10, Xiaomi is not u... moreI also want to get that phone. I realised that is not complete device and cost more than 400 euros. Soc is very important for every segment,also for camera support. Its not normal to put 108 mp new sensor coupled with 730g,which is only good for usual tasks.