Google Photos app for Android will soon phase out the hamburger menu

04 March 2020
With Android Gesture navigation, the hamburger menu is being phased out in favor of bottom-row menus.

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  • Anonymous
  • g4F
  • 03 Sep 2021

Google was to take of my photos. They have lost all of them except ones taken in the last 2 weeks. My archived are gone albums, favorite everything gone.

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    • Anonymous
    • nYE
    • 05 Mar 2020

    Google being Google again...

      least cared about it.
      i dont use google photos xD

      Try, Qiuckpic or Piktures as an alternative....

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        • Gabe
        • IbI
        • 04 Mar 2020

        Lyn, 04 Mar 2020Great!Something else to try to learn!😡 I'll probably finall... moreLol chill out. They are just switch to swiping from the side of the screen to bring the menu out.

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          • Lyn
          • 42k
          • 04 Mar 2020

          Great!Something else to try to learn!😡 I'll probably finally figure it out &they'change it again! What the heck is hamburger??

            I like hamburgers

              Samsung had already solved this using One Hand Operation+.

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                • Anonymous
                • 6wN
                • 04 Mar 2020

                As long as I can view my photos new look isn't that important.

                  They could've easily avoided this mess by going Xiaomi and Huawei way with sliding from top quarter slides out hamburger while lower 3Qs will trigger back