The Pocophone F1 is getting a new Android 10 Beta Stable update

05 March 2020
It's rolling out to beta testers first, but if there are no major issues, this Beta Stable software will be released to the general public in a few days.

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"Beta stable", either it is beta or stable, can't be both. The idea of beta software is that it is feature complete but contains bugs, either known or unknown.

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    • Hazariap
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    • 06 Mar 2020

    Redundancy??? try explaining that to satisfied users of Poco F1. or else own one and use it for a while and then comment. Essentially need to remember how much is paid and what value is received. Cheers.

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      • 06 Mar 2020

      in my opinion, POCO F1 is something what happens in tech world once in 20 years!
      this phone is even now better than most oft he mid-rangers on the market.

        Still better than shit honor play wont get android 10. I never buy any huawei phone anymore.

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          • 06 Mar 2020

          Xiaomi's software updates are just as confusing as their redundant smartphone models.

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            • 06 Mar 2020


              CompactPhones5ever, 05 Mar 2020Mhm, perhaps that means Poco F2 is behind the corner? Manuf... moreNahh... IF Poco F2 is to be released, it would have been hyped-up months before these updates could even be available.

                11.0.4 is the main Android 10 update which was got pulled back.
                11.0.6 is Android 10 + Feb patch for those that was not able to update to 11.0.4 after it was pulled. For those that has 11.0.4 already, 11.0.6 is just a Feb patch.

                Xiaomi's update changelog is abysmal. lol.

                  NotAnOpinion, 05 Mar 2020Owners of the Mi 10 series are waking-up to the black-scree... moreI've seen the article and it's Chinese beta MIUI. They're more Beta than the Global beta does, if you combine the Chinese dev and Global dev in one line it would be: China beta -> China stable -> Global beta -> Global stable. Chinese ROMS would always get the latest ROMs but the beta ROMS were always expected to have the latest bugs aswell.

                    i am not signed up for beta testing but i did get an update back in january on my f1 to there were only 2 bugs i have found so far. the first one happens everytime you change the theme, for a few hours the notification bar icons on the left hand side like the signal bar and battey becomes black, and oddly enough the time on the other side remains white. it persists even after rebooting the device but goes away on its own after a few hours. second is that the icons are not uniform nor does not adapt. previously when you change to a theme with rounded icons, all the icons become rounded and those apps that doesn't have customized rounded icons are adapted by the system accordingly. this time the system doesn't adapt the icons that do not have customized icon on the theme. oh, and yeah, that fact that i did not sign up for beta testing but i did get the update.

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                      • 06 Mar 2020

                      People who don't own this phone have no idea how amazing the development for poco has been. I've own phones from old schoolers lile siemens C35, to Sony W & M series, iphone 6s to pixel 1, samsung s7 and s8, LG v30 and then this poco (and yet later i bought k20 pro) and i swear nothing comes close to the excitement of developing this phone from those devs out there.

                      I am even comfortable to say that our gcam port made by sanity is probably the best and the most stable gcam to ever been released.

                        very bad, i already rooted by device and have flased pixel rom on it. xd

                          I already got this update yesterday as stable update and so did many of my friends.

                            Owners of the Mi 10 series are waking-up to the black-screen-of-death from a very poor deployment (I'm very suprised no one has covered this yet) so, Xiaomi has proven again that they are not a Premium technology company.

                              Mhm, perhaps that means Poco F2 is behind the corner? Manufacturers often release updates close before release of new product to flex that they're supporting older devices...

                                After Note9 got it for 2 months now.