Oppo Watch is here: ColorOS, ECG sensor and two sizes

06 March 2020
Oppo's first smartwatch entry also comes with active sleep tracking, 5ATM water resistance and eSIM connectivity.

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I think i saw $288?

  • Dickery Dock

Great stuff. Copy Apple to your heart's content Oppo. Their closed systems are appalling and deserve to be copied for Android users. Apple are truly bonkers. They did it with their Airpods which work well on Android, so why they couldn't build an Android watch too god knows. Keep up the great work Oppo

  • cyber

apple watch inspired

  • Chris

JackTheIPhoneKiller, 06 Mar 2020I have to say I am a bit disappointed. I was hoping for som... moreNothing new or unusual for a chinese manufacturer. It’s the defining trait of their (tech) culture. And as someone wrote a few years back, OPPO has been slowly raising prices while copying the living system out of Apple products. You should not be disappointed at all, this is not news. I’m willing to bet that the ECG function is, at its core, a pure 1:1 copy of Apple’s implementation but while Apple has approval from several health departments over the world, this will likely scare you more than help you.

I have a fleeting suspicion that this so called Apollo co processor might not be .... Well entirely genuine or useful effort.

Must be a copy of what Qualcomm did with wear 3100, and even worse in Operation than that one.

But that's just speculation, at least Google is now allowing manufacturers to fork wear OS which is a good thing.

  • ValhallaDestined

I for one am happy. The apple watch is good looking and squircle faces are far better in use then round even if they are less classic in design.

As someone with a heart condition if the ECG gets activated I will be very happy. I almost switched to apple just to have the Apple Watch for this feature (android does not have a competitor to the apple watch in total features and ECG). Now I can keep android and still have the benefits.

What I would like to know is abou the EKG sensor. Is it available to use from scratch - or is it like Samsung Active 2, which was never activated, even if the hardware is in place.

  • KKR

BigBabyChuncks, 06 Mar 202040h of normal use battery life? What the hell? My 2½... moreThis is with eSIM enabled. This is by far best in the industry with big screen estate.

40h of normal use battery life? What the hell? My 2½ yo Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier still gets me through 3 days between charges with normal use.

  • KKR

I don't understand people expectation. Oppo delivered stunning watch at an attractive price. One and only good looking eSIM capable watch for android users till date. eagerly looking to get one.

  • Anonymous

People who unknowingly dragging Apple here should know that it was LG who brought he round corner shaped smart watch very first time..

  • Manojnov87

When it comes to global market will it have NFC (Google Pay)?

"Android base" lol more like Apple Base.

WHY? Why must it be an Apple clone? I feel shame and I'm not even buying it..

  • Alias

Wtf. Expensive

  • JackTheIPhoneKiller

I have to say I am a bit disappointed. I was hoping for something different (despite all the leaks), but this is just a shameless blatant copy of Apple Watch.