Weekly poll: Did Oppo hit the mark with Find X2 and Find X2 Pro?

08 March 2020
The two phones have different camera hardware, each excellent in its own right. Also, 6.7" 120Hz screens and batteries that charge at 65W.

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  • XEd
  • 10 Mar 2020

Bobby_gBG, 09 Mar 2020way too expensive. Most probably it will be a little bit b... moreEh, I used to recomend xiaomi but their new software and ads are the worst have customer frequently come to the store and complain their data got wiped dunno why.
U recommend oppo nowdays

    AnonD-628531, 09 Mar 2020Dissapointing designHave you held the phone in your hand?
    The one with vegan leather back is a beauty.

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      • AnonD-628531
      • F9v
      • 09 Mar 2020

      Dissapointing design

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        • Yujikon
        • pMN
        • 09 Mar 2020

        1.000€ ... no thanks.
        500€ and I'd go for it.

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          • Bobby_gBG
          • 3iu
          • 09 Mar 2020

          way too expensive.
          Most probably it will be a little bit better than Mi 10 Pro, but not worth double the price.

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            • mJs
            • 09 Mar 2020

            So, the internals are obviously those of a 750$ phone. Oppo added a 5g modem which seems to get the price to 1000$. Im sorry but I will never buy any phone that's more than 700$. Up till 2019 innovation kept coming + the prices were still raised slowly by companies. Then 2019 came and prices for regular smartphones went through the roof - Note 10, s20, mate30, etc. The only thing that changed in some phones was the 5g module. Is it that adding 5g gets prices above 1000$? Are customers wordlwide ready to pay 1000$ for a product that is worth 750$? Im sure oppo and samsung will have to correct prices soon. Even apple recognized that their base-model was too expensive. Common people, don't buy these phones, it's just not worth it. You also wouldn't buy a macbook for 3000$ that was 1500$ just a year ago, would you?

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              • Njoka
              • mD3
              • 09 Mar 2020

              No thanks..

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                • I@a
                • 09 Mar 2020

                Anonymous, 08 Mar 2020Better take Xperia 1 ii than this "gimmicky" phone.Design l... moreSo true

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                  • AnonD-909757
                  • 0JM
                  • 09 Mar 2020

                  Anonymous, 08 Mar 2020If FPS exist. You can share a face, can't share a fp...False, not only fingerprint are not as unique as peoples believe, and there are peoples with almost the same FP as your,
                  Even this 6 year old 2014 article already talked about it :

                  Also optical fingerprint scanner are insecure and can be fooled by the simple glass + tape trick, only the ultrasonic ones are secure as they can tell the difference between 2D flat image and real fingerprint, and for the moment only the Qualcomm 3D Sonic is ultrasonic and is only available on Samsung Galaxy S10 and S20 series and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 serie have an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.
                  The upcomming 3D Sonic Max is a real game changer with more precision, larger scan area and dual finger reading...
                  But it mean only 3 smartphone serie are secure, every other fingerprint reader are inherently insecure.

                  That's why it is quite funny when people say that facial recognition isn't secure while the alternatives are actually less secured.

                  Also providing you use a mix between 2 color camera, 1 nIR camera, 1 UV camera and a high resolution dot projector, all coupled with a suit of good AI, and you blown every other identification method out of the water, because while some peoples actually share your fingerprint, no one share your face shape (down to small details) + face color + face IR and UV details.
                  That's too much things for two face to be identical.

                  But even the actual 1 camera + nIR camera + dot projector + already existing AI used for facial recognition is still giving the most secure unlock tech available.

                  I mean c'mon, do I really have to defend the safety of facial recognition that is considered by most security expert as THE safest authentification method, really peoples ?

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                    • Disappointed
                    • smi
                    • 09 Mar 2020

                    No expendable memory and no wireless charging = no buy.

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                      • sayabosanhidup
                      • XUv
                      • 09 Mar 2020

                      Anonymous, 08 Mar 2020My head is still stuck back in the days when a proper flags... morejust go and buy it a few years later or sorry to say
                      that no one bothers how much u have in ur wallet


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                        • 09 Mar 2020

                        MagicMonkeyBoy, 08 Mar 2020GSMArena... I know it's not OPPO news... But... The Red Mag... moreAre are you trying to say? That you working for ZTE?

                          Vasra, 08 Mar 20201. No 3.5mm headphone 2. No card slot 3. 4260mAh battery ... moreHow is Samsung better and offering more than Oppo Find X2 pro?

                          1) S20 doesn't have 3.5mm jack either.
                          2)No card slot is not a problem since internal storage isn't 64/128gb,it's a whopping 512gb for base variant. For everything else, there is USB OTG.
                          3) All battery life tests have shown it to be giving 8hr and above SOT way better than Exynos version of S20. Snapdragon variant battery life is on par. Plus Oppo got twice the fast charging.
                          4) lol it's a few grams heavier. Lighter than iPhone pro Max and S20 ultra.
                          5) & 6) All lies about Color OS being buggy and Oppo not pushing regular updates, you just another hater.
                          Color OS in 2020 is optimized, privacy oriented, doesn't make you jump through hoops to get bootloader Unlocked and on par with OneUi 2.

                          BTW I have used plenty of Samsung flasghips from the past, wanted to upgrade to S20 but now looking forward to this.

                            "The battery is split into two cells, this is how VOOC manages to hit those insane charging speeds."

                            There you go haters, this is how Oppo manages those insane charging speeds. Battery degradation my ass, just an excuse for not giving top of the line fast charging.

                              Oppo definitely hit the mark with the pro version of the Find X2. Looking forward to this phone.
                              Best out of the Chinese flagships this year!

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                                • Midiamp
                                • uED
                                • 08 Mar 2020

                                Simply too expensive. I'm a big fan of Oppo an Realme, but the gap in pricing is too big, maybe I will give Xiaomi a try again, at least their products fit the budget more... If I can buy one....

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                                  • yJp
                                  • 08 Mar 2020

                                  My head is still stuck back in the days when a proper flagship cost about $600.
                                  I can't stomach $800+ let alone 1k+. How did we get here?

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                                    • IbI
                                    • 08 Mar 2020

                                    AnonD-909757, 08 Mar 2020As the majority of peoples, I don't have a twin, and even i... moreIf FPS exist. You can share a face, can't share a fp...

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                                      • fIP
                                      • 08 Mar 2020

                                      Too pricey

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                                        • 0JM
                                        • 08 Mar 2020

                                        Anonymous, 08 Mar 2020If you have a twin than the face regocnition is uselessAs the majority of peoples, I don't have a twin, and even if I had one, the vast majority of twins are in an extremely deep family relationship, this may be the deepest form of relationship that exist to the point that some twins actually feel when their part die.
                                        So even in case of twins, they share way more than their smartphone access usually.

                                        Even there, Apple's Face ID is able to tell some twins appart, not all of course as the software have to account for the fact that your face is not a perfectly static thing, just your facial expression create enough diverging from the original expression you had when recording your face that it make twins closer than that.
                                        But this is only using the ACTUAL sensor set which is often composed of a regular camera, an NIR camera and a dot projector, we could actually use one more sensor, an UV camera, even without shining an UV light at someone, the usual daylight residual UV light could be enough with a sensitive enough camera, but lets say that a little flash of UV light even with lots of use each days, it won't do any arm to you.
                                        And the skin details that are visible in UV aren't something which is identical, even on twins, though UV camera don't like sunscreen.

                                        So yeah, regular facial recognition with twins is still really useful and considering how close and faithful twins are with each other it is still THE safest unlock method, and with a better method and some AI it will work flawlessly on basically all twins.
                                        Even a clone if he doesn't go through the exact same conditions than you won't have the same exact face and could be tell appart.

                                        Yet meanwhile rather than having a really secure 3D face unlock, we are stuck with the relatively totally insecure 2D variant because peoples complain about hypothetical scenario that have less chances to happen than being struck by a lightning, which negatively influence the development of 3D facial unlock on smartphones.
                                        That the same stupid thing that happen with self driving cars, they are clearly way better than human drivers, way safer, yet because it isn't totally and utterly perfect, peoples don't want it and prefer to stick with the regular and way less safe driving.
                                        50 peoples last year only (2019) died in a Tesla accident, while in TOTAL 6 person have been killed by self driving technology, this include 5 Tesla and an Uber which, autonomous or not, had no chances at being avoided as someone with dark cloths crossed outside crosswalk in pitch black night, yet we still don't want self driving cars because they "aren't secure enough".

                                        So yeah, I don't care that in a scenario that have 1 in a billion of chances to happen, the 3D facial recognition can be cracked, it is still way better than the regular 2D facial unlock that I use like many other peoples and which is actually easy to fool with a simple picture.

                                        BTW I am curious what alternative peoples think is more secure when they bash 3D facial recognition ?...