Samsung Galaxy M40 gets Android 10

09 March 2020
The update is currently seeding to Indian users.

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Anonymous, 09 Mar 2020A50?Does your A50 has snapdragon too? I don't even know why you open-up on A50 here, it has no correlation to M40's development at all.

  • A50

a50 , 10 Mar 2020disapointed od samsung never again samsung this is last sam... moreFor me also this is the last samsung device. their update policy i horrible as were before.

  • SmackThat

Will Samsung igrone A50 like A52017 ?????

Samsung A50 is getting March security patch now so this means no android 10 update this month. Probably in April

  • a50

disapointed od samsung never again samsung this is last samsung device for me next is xiaomi or huawei

  • Kek

To those wondering about the A50 and other device:

They will probably receive Android 10 between today and the end of April. The last devices that will receive it are probably J-series devices(May?) and the A6+(April-June?), because it has a weird partition setup inside it.

  • Anonymous