Another vivo V19 with dual selfie punch-hole design heading to Malaysia

10 March 2020
This is different than the vivo V19 that just arrived in Indonesia.

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  • Chinu

Mobile price when it will come in market

  • Javid

Is this phone is coming with 5G??

I feel pity to those buying these Vivo V series. Not only you are confused with which version you’ll get, you won’t even get OS upgrades. And you’re paying a premium for it.

Although it’s from the same parent company, Realme imo is the better value.

auto pass its vivo

  • Anonymous

thank you gsmarena... totally not confuse at all... hahahaha

  • Anonymous

The V19 in indonesia is basically V17 in malaysia. The design is 100% same with our V17. But idk about the spec. Our S1 pro is same as india. Im glad that our V19 is a different model and design. I wish vivo make the quick setting on above like every other UI. It kinda mess with the gesture navigation a bit.

that 9 reminds me of that meme guy

I am a simple person I see a punch hole and I close the site....