HMD pushes back some Android 10 updates due to COVID-19

11 March 2020
Several phones will have to wait a bit longer to leave Pie behind. All planned updates will be out by the end of Q2. 

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  • Amy

What about nokia 6.2? When this divice will get the latest Android 10?

  • Praveen Q

I love you Nokia 4.2

  • Ravi

Bro what about nokia 6.2?! It's older than 7.2

  • Player's

What about Nokia 5

  • Anonymous

Nokia3 is available update 10 ?

  • Anonymous

Where's C1 and C2?

  • N777XW

Shostak35, 30 Mar 2020I'm afraid it's not so true we're nearing the end of t... morenow the android 10 update is available

I'm afraid it's not so true we're nearing the end of the 1st quarter of 2020 and the 7.2 model still not updated to android 10.

Now it's understandable cause of coronavirus but why not being forthcoming and tell now that the update will be delkayed some more?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020Xiaomi is not the one asking premium prices for crap specs ... moreLOL just check the comparison video in youtube you will find even though your Xiaomi is with better specs but still lag behind Nokia 7.2 in terms of real world performance test and thats called software optimization.
In terms of quality Nokia is always better.
And about software updates you will never find such brand who gives these kind of software updates to all range of phones irrespective of their price difference.
I Love Nokia phones and will still continue using it.
There is also point of using a smartphone is to be still remain in latest technology among all even after few years (Nokia is best in these) and if you are not then whats the point of having latest specs just to make a hype? LOL

  • Anonymous

ian87w, 12 Mar 2020huh? What does COVID-19 have to do with a software update? ... moreBut it still not too late. So still i will buy a Nokia phone because i like their software updates which my previous phones from different brand were giving fake promises but never come to existence.

MR45, 12 Mar 2020The GCam that I am currently using is very stable and speci... moreYou can try from other Nokia models as well, like on my Sirocco I use the 7+ GCam that is stable for my phone.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2020Xiaomi is not the one asking premium prices for crap specs ... moreWell, do you even understand marketing? Cause you clearly have no idea what Xiaomi is and is not.

  • Carol

hmm, 12 Mar 2020I talk about only 1 single thing and thats updates for andr... moreWOW you're knowlege, amazes everyone.... Ever done Home Office? You probably do not even know what that is. Let me tell you, is way harder to concentrate and properly work... on codes especially, besides the fact that their are more restrictions that take more time to deal with. The fact that the update delays has nothing to do with the fact that they do not work, but with the fact that because the CLEAR situation is now staying in the way of fast progressing as everything, even comunications takes more time. As far as everyone can reed they never said they won't release Updates anymore because of the corona, so stop the Drama and the trolling and get a minimal life. Their are way better things to do then comment nonsense everyday where you find HMD comment sections.

GnuLinux, 11 Mar 2020All Android phones from Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei et... moreAll? My Galaxy A50 still running Android 9 though. And God knows when the last time it got security updates. My Nokia 3.1 Plus? The last security update it received was January 2020 (delivered on Feb 2020). I know it's a bit late, but hey, it IS a cheaper and older model. No wonder about it. And for reference, Nokia 3.1 Plus, at that time, are nearly half the price of A50.

  • hmm

AnonD-908380, 12 Mar 2020First of all, Android One does not justify timely updates. ... moreI talk about only 1 single thing and thats updates for android one. Your talking about lots of different things that i dont even understand why you tak about them when you started it by saying that redmi note 7 and 8 dont have the updates yet as these are low end middle class phones with budget price. These get there updates in some time and at least they get the updates. If you buy Nokia that is only pure android and it's main selling point is fast updates for there higher price for older hardware then they should keep the promise. Software update delay cant be behind some corona virus as corona virus is biological and not electronic that spread trough the internet.

Nick Kid, 12 Mar 2020Android 10 black mode gonna save you lot of battery. GC can... moreThe GCam that I am currently using is very stable and specially made for Nokia 7 plus by Back.Rider. New GCam ports for Nokia 7 plus running Android 10 are not that stable as per reports by users at XDA.

Nick Kid, 12 Mar 2020Nokia 8 turned 2 years last summer, Sirocco just at the end... moreIt turned 2 in September. So just at the release of Android 10. And is same hardware as 8 Sirocco, so it's not a big deal to port. Yet, there are more important phones, like the entry level Nokia 1, which turned 2 last month.

  • Tej

My nokia 9 pureview still away from android 10....dunno why

  • MukhammadUmar Mukham

Really I use nokia 5.1 plus.
They promised to give update till march but they didn't do because they cannot do what they said.
I don't recommend nokia anyone

My first line of code was written in 1982. Many lines of code and after that many software projects have been under my design and supervision... as far I can understand COVID-19 is a great excuse for a delay like this. But hey! this year everything is going to be coronavirus...