Samsung Galaxy M30s gets a new version

12 March 2020
It will go on sale in India from March 14.

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  • Aryaan Palash
  • 3Yi
  • 13 Mar 2020

How can i get this

    futile attempt... I wonder who would buy? Rather I want Sammy to expand the M31 series with 4gb/64gb at 10,999 INR, 4gb/128gb at 12,999 INR

    It is high time Sammy spin off separate business line for M & A series, in similar footsteps like Realme, Oppo, etc....Galaxy Brand & its series need a re-boot..... It is digusting that market leader in Mobile components is producing crappy & pricey mid-range phones..... Greedy Sammy wants 30,000 INR for the A71 vs Relame X2 Pro flagship at 29,999 INR.... Greedy Sammy wants 39,999 INR for S10lite & Note 9 lite vs iQoo3 flagship for 36,990 INR..... I feel Sammy will go irrelevant in low & mid range phones.....They can stay relevant in flagship series until they make it very pricey

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      • bCool
      • Fv1
      • 12 Mar 2020

      I thought M30s was replaced by M31???

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        • Anonymous
        • Fvc
        • 12 Mar 2020

        But why!