Samsung Galaxy M11 photos leak, 5,000 mAh battery confirmed

13 March 2020
The device has appeared on the Taiwanese certification agency NCC.

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Sunny T, 13 Mar 2020Samsung is just a company that manufactured and produce bun... morewho care about that ? huawei? xiaomi? any one? just nokia, but their devices are terrible
samsung update most of its devices to android 10 even A10!

Samsung is just a company that manufactured and produce bunch of phones in a year. They never stood by their product in terms of updates. It takes them forever to update a single phone to the next Android. I think consumers should boycott Samsung for another reliable manufacturer.

Since this has 15w charging, definitely this is type-c

  • ok

"New" phone...
They don't even bother to change design

Some Samsung phones can be ugly af.... Smh

  • Anonymous

Exynos 9611?

  • Anonymous

Having a fingerprint at the back doest mean it has an lcd. M10s,m30s m31,m20,a30... had amoled and fingerprint at the back

  • Anonymous

m10s was OLED, surely this must be OLED as well