Xiaomi launching a wireless charging power bank on March 16

13 March 2020
The company said "it's time to cut the cord".

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  • 17 Mar 2020

Wireless powerbank ? Ridiculous idea, How impractical

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    • avinash
    • XVn
    • 14 Mar 2020

    It will be purchased more in number by iphone users than andriod ones :D

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      • whatever
      • XNt
      • 14 Mar 2020

      Anonymous, 13 Mar 2020I don't think that Xiaomi or Redmi has any wirelessly charg... moreso what we can still charge our phones

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        • Sakura
        • t7$
        • 14 Mar 2020

        Samsung already had that powerbank with wireless charging ugh

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          • Anonymous
          • 841
          • 14 Mar 2020

          ah that 10w 10Ah power bank that Ive been using for quite a while. yeah definitely silm and nice

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            • Anonymous
            • rA}
            • 13 Mar 2020

            I don't think that Xiaomi or Redmi has any wirelessly charging phone in India currently.

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              • oPaGanDasTyle
              • pXD
              • 13 Mar 2020

              They already have 2 models, 1 of them under ZMI brand...so, nothing new...

              The problem is, those 2 powerbanks is so underated cause nobody talks about, dont see them for sale more than on Aliexpress, here in my country theres no way, you cant find one!

              Hope this new one will be more spread to sell and cheaper, cause more than 30 euros for a wireless powerbank is way too much.

              Anyway, is not a new thing from Xiaomi, but i just hope they will at least sell it on official stores.