Motorola Razr makes its way to India: pre-orders now open, sales start on April 2

16 March 2020
Pre-bookings are already underway.

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  • Anonymous

better start one day early.

on the first of April.

happy April fools!!

  • M s

No crease on screen unlike other
Very stylish
Money earned only for expenditure
People who can afford certainly buy this phone
I am going to buy one piece

DhruvM, 16 Mar 2020Okay, so reduce the price by half, and then reduce it by another... moreI'm waiting for 7z or Zenfone 7. We'll start hearing news about it only in the first week of April. The 6z is nice, but the 7z will be better. I'm currently on Redmi note 4 :v

florin, 16 Mar 2020There are people who may still buy it, it's more stylish and bet... moreNaah.. i don't have any problem with those senseless guys who buy this instead of better performing Galaxy Z Flip or even more better iPhone 11 Pro Max for far less price.

Razr: 1,25,000
Z Flip: 1,10,000

I will feel sad for that person who'd buy Razr instead of Z Flip.

  • DhruvM

Okay, so reduce the price by half, and then reduce it by another half, and subtract another 3250, and buy Asus 6z. Cheers.

I respectfully disagree with people saying Moto razr won't have buyers here.

If people can buy iPhones' top models, they can afford RAZR. There are plenty of stupid, born with a silver spoon people, who won't care if it breaks.

Granted it won't sell in numbers what Redmi and RealMe pull down in flash sales, but it could still sell plenty enough to justify Indian launching.

Samsung also launched the Galaxy fold, which is more expensive. Z flip, could well end up on our shores. Moto pulled the wraps of RAZR. I believe they did their market research before putting their highest priced models on shelves on India.

But I still pity those who go for these.

  • AnonD-914443

Oh my God ! It is so much costlier !

  • Love the Community

Oooof! Indians know Arun Maini (Mr.WhoseTheBoss) very well. He made a Top 10 tech blunders video last week and placed Motorola Razr somewhere in the middle.

  • florin

imRGZ, 16 Mar 2020Why launch a failure model at a price more than Galaxy Z Flip, w... moreThere are people who may still buy it, it's more stylish and better looking, so what's your problem?

  • krishk

I don't thick they can sell a single piece here with that price....

  • Anonymous

Razer is a made in india phone and priced at higher priced tag compared to other countries

  • HoHaHaHo

At this price nobody would buy it. The stock will collect dust.
Posted on GSMArena for iPhone.

  • UI Goku

Realme 6 Pro: LOL

The Motorola Razr (2019) price in India is set at Rs. 1,24,999 for the sole, 6GB RAM + 128GB storage variant.

Why launch a failure model at a price more than Galaxy Z Flip, which is better specced in all ways?

  • Anonymous

a decent phone for 650$ maximum...what were they thinking? Maybe that Samsung didnt have the z flip up their sleeves ;)

  • Essen

It's healthy to be optimistic, but optimism has its limits. Perhaps the decision to launch it at this price was on the basis of an MBA doing market research (walking around asking people on the street) and the sample responding with a 'yes' to the question, 'would you buy a foldable phone whatever be the price'.

With this price tag, most of the buyers would prefer to buy an iPhone.


over priced