Smartphones in India will get more expensive as tax will rise from 12% to 18%

16 March 2020
Various industry representatives have stated that this will have a hugely negative impact on manufacturers, retailers and the people.

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  • Bangladeshi

Proud to be living in the "57% tax rate for phones" country :>

  • Anonymous

Sorry, but smartphones should no longer be considered luxury goods. They should be considered essential goods.

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi is struggling due to Realme

  • Anonymous

AnonD-908380, 16 Mar 2020They expect to get everything cheaper just because their income ... moreIt is not like Indians can not afford. It is that we really don't know the value. We compare with nearest alternate. Whatever may be the actual reasons due to which price hike was there in New models people won't look at that. Generally people want everything at less price. I'm not one of them. I will wait for the price to go down rather complaining. Can not buy junk for less price.

Our govt sucks... Absolutely.. trying everything to stop our economy from growing.. what bull is this.. I will go absolutely mad if they don't stop this kind of horrid things

mobile manufacturers cut price problem solved that's it

freebird, 17 Mar 202018% tax? Man that's tough. Why the government charge too much? D... moreHere we pay 57% tax for a phone manufactured/assembled outside of rate is 18% for locally manufactured/assembled phones tho

IpsDisplay, 16 Mar 2020Sometimes I feel some people in India are entitled and ungratefu... moreStop being so dramatic. Phones would get slightly expensive and that's all, it's not the end of the world. Your whole rant only shows that you're envious of Indian people, no need to blame them for what you can't have. Grow up, dude!

  • vivek

This is an illiterate govt.. They don't understand economics and neither they take any recommendations from the people who has understanding of it.

trajcevasilev94, 17 Mar 2020And they'll be an outstanding move. But seriously i have to agr... moreIt's not about money it's about population rate/ratio.
india is almost 3 or 4 times bigger then balkan with regards to population.
hence, indian market is targeted more as compare to other countries market who has small rate/ratio of population.
more population which means more chances of users to purchase their product which will give them more profit ultimately.

  • Poco F1 user here

Meanwhile everyone in comment section forgot about china pricing

  • Anonymous

Well in my country we have 24% vat where everything is overpriced, even without vat! -_-

  • Anonymous

TBH , Indian politician don't give a Toss about the Economy. The Finance Minster is not fit to play even Monoply let alone handle the Indian Economy through these difficult times .

  • talk is cheap

typical indian gov tactics

Indians buy 200 Dollar devices and considers it flagship. Who cares about this 6% hike? Problem will be for people like me who tend to purchase a true flagship or midranger every few years.

Also it's hilarious Xiaomi CEO bothered to request this govt., which is not even run by humans to consider the decision. Lol.

Indians are price consiusous nit Quality conscious.
Its not about West or East, Sony, Apple, Nokia, Motorola etc make quality products and they should not stop. Remeber in this World there are Quality consiusous ppl who want to put their money on quality and be secure n happy for 2/5 yrs. Well % is less. But there are ppl like those be it India or UK or Africa or Russia.
Anyways Governments are to smack ur ass. Let it be any country. 😂😂 So just chill. Hard earn and spent wisely.

  • Anonymous

Lots of sour grapes posting over here who fail to understand how these sorts of price hikes do Not mean jacksquat for people in Western countries (or elsewhere).

Having low prices in one part of the world, for only a very small subset of non-vital commodities, should not mean that you crib and whine that phones cost more in your x, y, z country. If some companies decide to release devices at lower price points to undercut the competition without getting harassed by the authorities then that is the basis of a free market economy. And if that trend extends to other markets (lots of factors affect this, everything from imports for cheaper products from other countries to corporate lobbyging and even user outcry) then you too benefit from lower prices overseas if your domestic prices are corrected to favour the customers and not corporations...But only if your elected officials are not (expletive deleted) to issue draconian laws to benefit megacorps and themselves while citizens suffer.
Indians are entitled and very ignorant of simple economics I will give you that, but that does not mean that blanket hikes of taxes for commodities will fix whatever hurt you feel cheap phones selling in India causes you.

And just so your know, taxes pay for a lot of things that you take for granted in your country or any country where taxes are used for the welfare of the people. In India, these tax increments (for whatever commodity) rarely ever come back to benefit the tax payers due to the massive layer of corruption that plagues India.
Be grateful for not getting shafted left, right and center by your own elected officials from all across the political spectrum in the name of tak hikes. And good job at at failing to see the quality-of-life-forest for the mobile-trees.

trajcevasilev94, 17 Mar 2020And they'll be an outstanding move. But seriously i have to agr... moreI understand ur concern bro. Hooe this World turns to global village soon with one education, one currency, one price and no borderlines.

18% tax? Man that's tough. Why the government charge too much? Do they suppose to help people.

Anders, 17 Mar 2020They'll raise the taxes and then the sales will drop. So the gre... moreAnd they'll be an outstanding move.
But seriously i have to agree with everyone in the comments below. Many Indians are like that. You can't just get top tier specs and everything for 200 dollars.
Another thing that i don't like is that many companies prioritize just India and India, it's like it's the only poor country in the world. You haven't seen the situation in the Balkan States. We also have lower wages and even worse conditions than India themselves, but Europe, and companies don't care and just see us Balkan Sates and Europe as well so they always bump up the prices 50/100 euros more on a device compared to what It'd cost in India for example.
Companies need to wake up and realize things. Enough prioritizing India, there's other poor countries too. We aren't demanding Flagship specs at 200 dollars, but we still want an equal pricing similar to the one in India.
The Western part of Europe has more wealthier countries/people, better system and higher wages, so they can keep their normal/high pricing there and just price phones 50 Dollars cheaper out here in the Eastern Europe similar to Indian pricing.