Swedish company Imint teams up with Qualcomm for better video stabilization

17 March 2020
Imint provides video stabilization solutions to smartphone makers like Oppo, vivo, Xiaomi, and OnePlus.

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  • Real.Talk

Swedes sold their priceless gem Volvo brand so now they're compensating by dipping their toes in the tech industry with ultra rich Qualcomm to offset the ill fated choices which led to losses hahaha

  • Zteam

YUKI93, 17 Mar 2020That is why the hardware-based OIS system is still the best... moreUmm.. no...

I have a Xiaomi Mi 6 with 4-axis-OIS only, so no EIS is available on this device, videes are ultra-shaky in all available video-modes.

Compared to my old Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (released in 2014, it has EIS only no OIS) videos looks like trash on My Mi 6.
Z3 Compact captures waaay smoother videos I even recorded a smooth video walking down a staircase with it, even if I compare this video to a video recorded on a straight road with Mi 6. the video recorded on Z3 is way smoother, by a huge margin.

OIS is very good for lowlight-pictures however.
Of course a combination of EIS and OIS is the best of both worlds.

I really love my Mi 6. but in terms of video-stabilization it's just trash.
I tried pretty hard to enable EIS on Mi 6, with lots of Magisk modules, but I haven't seem a working solution for enabling EIS on this guy yet.

  • Anonymous

Asus 6Z stabilization is pretty darn great - even at 4K60

That is why the hardware-based OIS system is still the best solution for stabilization. In my whole experience, software-based EIS always been more of a miss than a hit.

  • Anonymous

abc_to_xyz, 17 Mar 2020All of these companies got terrible video stabilization, no... moreI would say the Mi 10 has the best stabilisation to date.

  • abc_to_xyz

All of these companies got terrible video stabilization, not sure how those 'algorithms' and 'solutions' helped.

Their statement is worrying - as is there list of existing clients. Video enhancement and "analytics"? Facial recognition?

It's also telling all of their old clients are Chinese.

Nice, my 5 favorites smartphone companies!

Prepare your wallets Guys, As the swedish company partnered with the world most greedy company

Its about time. Android still havent manage to get rid of that micro jitters when using EIS on low light situation. Its one of the main reason why Iphone stills on top regarding video recording stability + no jittery effects.