Caviar customizes iPhone 11 Pro with gold and silver to ward off COVID-19

17 March 2020
One of four symbols of protection and well-being from around the world are depicted in gold on the back of the phones.

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  • Anonymous

This Caviar company is a joke, shame on them for what they are doing so shamelessly.

  • Anon

No shortage of idiots (in this case, the manufacturers) in this world

"Hey thousands of people are dying, why don't we use that to scam thousands out of some gullible idiots"

Anonymous, 18 Mar 2020When your phone case costs 5 times as much as your phone.think that's the actual phone no case...

only if wealth can ward off virus...

  • lololol

Caivar iPhone Covid-19 Edition
+5 Dexterity
+20 Immunity
-60 Intelligence
Players who use this item will have an additional protection from unknown viruses

There are rich people
There are filthy rich people
And then comes people by a caviar customised phone

  • christina

JohnW1981, 17 Mar 2020So Apple profits from a global crisis no, caviar is the one profiting from it

  • Anonymous

When your phone case costs 5 times as much as your phone.

  • Anonymous

So they really making profit even in this pandemic situation? They are the definition of the lowest class of living being

So Apple profits from a global crisis

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Love the Community, 17 Mar 2020Did you know that silver has great antimicrobial properties... moreviruses are not bacteria.

this does literally nothing to prevent covid-19, unless maybe if you strap it to your face. That way people know you're crazy so they stay away from you.

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2020"protective symbols" haha yeah and i'm sure you can make y... moreDid you know that silver has great antimicrobial properties? Sure you still need to rub your hands with soap or alcohol but at least you don't need UV-C to disinfect it as silver can do that by itself.

  • Anonymous

"protective symbols" haha yeah and i'm sure you can make yourself immune to the virus by drawing a picture on your skin, too.

This is pure snake oil. Expensive snake oil. This does nothing to stop a virus. GSMA needs to stop promoting dumb scam products.

  • Vin Diesel

Aww so precious man this is the 9th Wonder Of The World. Truly magnificent.. Oh How I Wish I Was So Rich.

  • Anonymous

Marketing at its best. Absolute bulls***. Materials may resist but it won’t protect you and don’t think religion would save your ass.

Nothing beats excellent personal hygiene practices, just saying.