Apple to introduce iPhone 9 version with a 5.5” screen

17 March 2020
It will run the A13 Bionic chip and will be replacing the iPhone 8 Plus.

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Home button should have been omitted its annoying

  • Anonymous

I like it,I used iPhone 5s and 6 for a long long time and wouldn't even have upgraded if I knew that 9 was coming out.
As was said by some other people,not everyone likes huge screens and there is an abundance of 6' and larger phones,while 5' phones seem virtually non-existant

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Anonymous, 18 Mar 2020iPhone 9 seems like pretty good deal. The only thing I don't lik... moreAs I said, the formfactor of the "normal" version is great. If it only had an all body screen ...

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iPhone 9 seems like pretty good deal. The only thing I don't like is the small screen. Having a bigger this is worth considering although it will be more expensive.

  • Anonymous

Make one with 4.5 to 5.2" with slim bezels and I'll buy it without a second thought

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2020Dear apple, market has grately changed. Now phones with 6" and b... moreDear user current phones have usable screen space around 5-5.5" phones and making them taller just makes them hard to handle people who actually use their phone as a phone prefer them.

Anonymous, 18 Mar 2020Only Apple can sell exactly same thing 5 timesso true. and get people to buy it.
what cheap option?? this no SE mark II this is 9 and 9 plus after the 8s, 7s, etc

Ya know, Apple can make both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus much smaller.

Just put the TouchID on the back, inside the logo. Then shrink both the top and bottom bezels, without any notches/holes. Keep the traditional 16:9 aspect-ratio and resolution. Also keep the Aluminium unibody, glass is fragile. Oh yeah, we're also keeping/re-adding the Headphone Jack... but also making it IP68 waterproofing. Yeah, people would go bonkers. Then it's just the simple course of updating to the latest SoC, Cameras, and Battery.

This phone for people like me who doesnÂ’t care about the notch size. Anyone care about the notch size donÂ’t deserved a phone not everything about you.

  • Sip

plz make this one bezel-less.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2020I was born and grow up in socialism, but now the same country is... moreShirts and pullovers i bought in 90s are still being used by me and they are long lasting. But newer purchases have never same quality. They arent built to last. Just like newer cars.
As i said there is a way to live without communism and without greedy capitalism.
After this Coronavirus world will never be same again. 
It will mark end of capitalism as we know.
Just mark my words. Mankind will get more clever and selective in buying choices and companies will not be allowed to freely rip customers and destroy world with consumption junction.
Wait and see...
P.s: for example: companies can still easily produce a phone with replaceable battery but it will hurt sales because people wont need a phone every year or 2 years and they will just simply replace battery.
Now, european union forces all phone companies to make batteries user replaceable. It will come in 2021. Governments will be on peoples side and people will unite.

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Only Apple can sell exactly same thing 5 times

  • Anonymous

Ohh no... All this rumours suggests that it has huge bezels. Bedrooms+5.5" can not be compact. Makes sense only if it comes with reduced bezels.

Anonymous, 17 Mar 202010 year old design. After coronavirus capitalism will never be ... moreClever, seriously?
Look the human behavior because of the virus, act like walki g dead zombies emptying all shops for toiletpapir.
The human have showing the most egoistic darks sides these days... Disgusting...

  • Qwericus

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2020My mother still uses iPhone 6, so this will be a good replacement lol.I'm still using iPhone6. Runs still good so long as the battery doesn't go below 30%. But when the iPhone9 makes it's debut I'm seriously going to make the change.

  • Manz

I think it will be the body of the Iphone 8 with a full screen area --> no fingerprint sensor

MKA RASEL, 17 Mar 2020iPhone 9 should have 5.5 and iPhone 9 plus must be 6.1 Inch. The main point of bringing the iPhone 9 was for people who want smaller screens. Go else where for large screen(11 pro max..)

  • Anonymous

MKA RASEL, 17 Mar 2020iPhone 9 should have 5.5 and iPhone 9 plus must be 6.1 Inch. Some people like smaller phones 4.7” is good

  • My nickmeme

MKA RASEL, 17 Mar 2020iPhone 9 should have 5.5 and iPhone 9 plus must be 6.1 Inch. No it shouldn't.
You people have a metric ton of shovels already.

  • dragonborn

I'm all in if they priced it around 399$. Anything more than that, the market has plenty of options.