Huawei Watch GT 2e renders and specs surface

17 March 2020
A minor hardware refresh of the original Watch GT 2/

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you can't even read notifications on the huawei watches wich just makes them fitness trackers with a watch display. for 30€ Mi Band 4 or any other fitness band offers the same functionality. or for the same price you could get a real smartwatch like the Galaxy Watch (best option & Watch 2 incoming in August) or a Fossil Wear OS watch.
Why would anyone buy this overpriced crap?

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    • Gary
    • 3SI
    • 17 Mar 2020

    Wow, what a downgrade in visuals and no upgrades worth being mentioned on the hardware side. Never ever 200 bucks, doesnt make any sense at all from a marketing perspective.

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      • Val
      • n5s
      • 17 Mar 2020

      16mb of ram?

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        • AnonD-909757
        • 0JM
        • 17 Mar 2020

        Sound good, what I personally look for in a smartwatch is a round design, any OS as long as it isn't straight up bad and that it have a decent number of faces to choose from in its store, receive phone notifications, ability to pay (NFC and their solution, don't matter if it is Google Pay or not) and most importantly, a decent battery life !
        All that at a reasonable price, so 250€/$ is my max.
        I don't care about Wear OS, actually I prefer not having it as it drain a LOT of battery, watches with it usually last way less (3 or 4 days max) compared to watch of the same price range with other OS.

        The Garmin Vivoactive 3 fit quite well my needs, I'll see what this GT 2e have to offer !