Apple iPad Pro 11 2020 AnTuTu benchmark shows 6GB RAM, 9% GPU boost

19 March 2020
The latest iPad Pro gained one GPU core over its predecessor.

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[deleted post]You're looking total ãutïstic.. I clearly said as this forum belong out neighborhood and first world. So I obviously has the right to say any suggestion.. Unless you also can but who cares servants from 3rd world.. I don't need own even do anything.. But I've ability to say any about the food less nation named India right? I hope the guess is right XD

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I think my iPad Pro 12.9 3 gen has smashed this I scored 766286 don’t think it’s been beaten

Future Leader, 31 Mar 2020I still showed some data unlike you (2 articles from nowher... moreWhat data? You didn't provide any statistics to your claims that 50 to 60 percent of devs wants to make apps for pc at all. My articles came from google and from a credible source. Meanwhile, your sources cames from nowhere. Continue your arrogance. That will only show what kind of a person you are.

Foxtrot2Novmbr, 30 Mar 2020As long as you don't reveal it. Your words are nothing. Sim... moreI still showed some data unlike you (2 articles from nowhere) .. Forget education, did you eat breakfast today?

Future Leader, 29 Mar 2020Those are just articles based daily prediction.. Neither da... moreAs long as you don't reveal it. Your words are nothing. Simple as that.

Foxtrot2Novmbr, 29 Mar 2020Then you're basing your facts on something that didn't real... moreThose are just articles based daily prediction.. Neither data nor any research..
But Be sure with my information.. Because I only tell facts. I don't need to depend on any usual articles like you.. The actual reason I've deleted my BIG reply with all data and sources, is I don't wanna give you mass SHAME.. When you guys are already neglected by us, so your lack of information is enough to feel you abashed.. But I think you don't have that.. Even you don't have any basic or further knowledge and education about tech unless doing some Google base on my information, but look at you! Replying futile comments from nowhere.

Future Leader, 29 Mar 2020Why do I need to give you link when I'm totally informed wi... moreThen you're basing your facts on something that didn't really happen. 50% to 60% of devs are gonna made for windows? Until you prove your answer. Your basis are nothing.
Those links that I've mentioned. Why don't you prove it that the majority of users around the world primarily use mobile devices on the go rather than windows?

Foxtrot2Novmbr, 29 Mar 2020OH and where are those things that you've mentioned here in... moreWhy do I need to give you link when I'm totally informed with all facts, stats and sources .. It will be enough for anyone from 1st and 2nd world, let not talk about 3rd world.. And those links you gave just two favourable articles but nothing.. Not any research, data, stats, anything.. These do satisfy you people from 3rd world right? The reason of lack of education there..

And I'm really bored and feeling lazy to reply you now.. Say something with actual facts which are logical. That may make me feel better to reply you..

Future Leader, 28 Mar 2020I did ready a big reply for you.. where I put all valid inf... moreOH and where are those things that you've mentioned here in the comment section? You didn't even provided me some links to prove it.

Foxtrot2Novmbr, 28 Mar 202055% are working for PC and 60% are interested to develop on... moreI did ready a big reply for you.. where I put all valid infos, data, stats and sources unlike you.. But then I realized that there no reason to educate more a guy from 3rd country.. Who will probably misuse my information on someone.. So I erased my whole reply and just showing you your quality..

Future Leader, 28 Mar 2020It has nothing to do with paying Devs or not.. Even it wasn... more55% are working for PC and 60% are interested to develop on PC? Based on what statistics? Especially if the mobile division such as ios and android are the most dominant devices which everyone uses? You think 55% to 60% are interested to develop on PC when they can developed their apps on mobile division which doubles their earnings?

Were I refering to iphone 5s shares? I was refering to the software support it had received until now. Read my statements.

Doesn't matter how you explain the platform. The fact that majority of users around the world use mobile devices means windows platform is slowly but surely are dying. Why do you think that PC sales have declined since the introduction of mobile devices?

There is no way smartphones are replacing whole pc world? Tell that to the people here in ASIA which uses smartphones more often than on PC. Especially for those who owns a gaming smartphones. Of course not all things can be done by smartphone alone. But at the same time. Not everything can be solved by just using windows for all. Imagine, from the price standpoint and even portability. If a smartphones have both of those. Who wouldn't want one? Compared that to having a PC. Which may cost more money than having a smartphone. If everybody in your country can own a windows. How about the others? Especially for those who aren't earning big money? If you can maintain your core 2 duo PC from 2006 because you have the money to burn. What about the others who couldn't? And let's not forget that the spare parts aren't mostly available worldwide.
You think google and apple can't provide support for more than 5 years? Tell me are you even using it or just there in the library as a display unit?

Your statements haven't changed from start to end? Earlier you've said. "Windows is the one of safe platform by the user ratio. And users have far less technical vulnerabilities" Then suddenly, you've changed your statements and said "No platform is 100% safe." Which of these two statements speaks the truth?

You think google can't help me? How about your developer statistics? You think that can help you especially if you don't have any proof? Meanwhile, I have proof's from google which helps my criteria as to why mobile division dominates the market.
It's only a matter of time where there's like 20% are still using desktop PC's or laptops. And 80% are mobile users.

Foxtrot2Novmbr, 28 Mar 2020In the end, I don't care what your job does. If apple is pa... moreIt has nothing to do with paying Devs or not.. Even it wasn't our topic of argument. The fact is Google can not provide any core knowledge or info as you're showing.. Why I need to go to China where it's obvious that smartphones are the most used microarchitectural device now.. But it also doesn't change the fact. Which is out of 100% there more than 55% of developers work for PC gaming... And more than 60% are interested to develop for PC..

Our topic wasn't about any mobile device platform.. That's an another league.. Yeah compared Android and iOS, windows mobile is almost a dead platform.. A platform with no future support obviously can be considered as DEAD although it still got a patch in this January.. Even Samsung's tizen has more shares than windows.. LOL.. But that wasn't our topic here. Or I would obviously defend Android mostly..
And even how did you measured windows users by iPhone 5s shares? Hahaha.. Where did you get iPhones 5s users number now? Did you mean the sales? Which was around 50 million units.. As far I know the windows phone has barely 4.2 million users now worldwide including 1.9 million in US..
You're still showing your lack of informations..

Yeah what I guessed your on a wrong track..
Aren't we talking about windows main platform?
Well if you talk about all platforms together, I show you the real stats..
Windows is the the second largest platform after android now.. But many time in past windows was the largest platform. Then again android became no 1.. Same way the share of android is decreasing by a large margin now. And I was talking about only windows 10.. Not whole windows NT kernal, which is more than 1 billion.. Learn to understand..

There is no way smartphones are replacing whole pc world.. Yeah you can say as a great alternative device because we can't fit computer in our pockets, or main device for many people mostly in all 3rd world countries XD.. But as far I remember I couldn't find anyone in my society without PC or Laptop or two in one tables as their main backup device.. I never used smartphones for my main backup device. I don't use smartphones for my 99% of mainstream works.. There's a lot of things can't be done with even the most powerful and expensive smartphones or won't give any near flexibility as PCs.. People who have PCs (windows, osx, linux, chrome etc) also have smartphones. Even with the ecosystem pairs (computer+smartphones).. But that doesn't effect any of PC's RAW uses.. Not by a chance..
What actually smartphones can take place of computer is more spending browsing time (mainly for social medias).. Because it's earlier to chat with my friends on bed or sofa.. Although it won't give you the ultimate flexibility like browsing on a PC.. But it's OK for any primary uses.. On the other hand PC is for long time uses, no updates issues who so ever.. I still got a pc rocking from 2006, core 2 duo (with free windows 10 update) in my library.. That old fella is still running so well. Even damn more active and industrious than me :D
Where phone from Google and Apple doesn't support more than 5 years.. Even the real issues are seen the phones become unable to use ie. my old iPhone 4s, 5c and 6.. And let not talk about Nexus phones (Android)

And yes my statements haven't changed from start to end. It's your problem that you're not able to understand..
Google won't help you much in front of any guy with basic or fundamental education..
Keep arguing because I love to do that and also love to show one's ignorance..

Future Leader, 27 Mar 2020Mostly business related? Not really! We also work for other... moreIn the end, I don't care what your job does. If apple is paying more money to devs than microsoft or your earning. Whether you're on the field or not. The FACT stays. Why don't you try go to china or from south korea and you'll see just how much money is being made on mobile departments such as gaming than the windows counterpart?

I've mentioned the smartphone division because that EXPLAINS how apple beats microsoft when it comes to long term service and software support. You said it yourself. It's a DEAD SECTION of microsoft. And yet it shares the same similarity as iphone 5s. Where the windows 10 lumia released 5 months later after iphone 5s was released.

If you think windows NT has billions of users around the world. Didn't you think that it's slowly began to die as mobile OS such as ios and android are becoming the most common device that everybody owns than windows?

Why do I need to understand your statement if what you've said earlier contradicts your present statement? Tell me which statement speaks the truth about the security flaws and vulnerabilities of windows?

Foxtrot2Novmbr, 27 Mar 2020Of course that's your job. Which is why your income is base... moreMostly business related? Not really! We also work for other IT farms and all type of service organizations as well.. Even in 2003 I had opened our first hardware solutions company with one retailer shop. Now we have 7 retailer shops (including wholesale option through deal)
You're yet to understand Devs work field and process.. Without any basic knowledge and ideas stop telling useless infos where you have no single work experience unless some net browsing..

But aren't we talking about tablets? Why you're bringing here the almost dead section of Microsoft? And that's not windows 10, it's windows phone 10.. Except their amazing RT mobile security they were very bad in applications support and vast accessibility. That's why they down in mobile section.. I had still my first windows phone (Lumia 720). Not under well condition. I've fixed 2 times by myself by replacing displays and navigation touch component.. But the motherboard got messed! And I couldn't find its motherboard even now.. And expect the shorten of applications I had no big complain about Windows phone..

But here we not talking about dead windows phone 10 but Windows 10 (NT),, which is continuously getting editions the reaches the 1 billion mark recently.. But you're here asking about device limitation? Lol! If I dive little more deep of technical term, you will be found no where.. Let alone limitations!
And you clearly didn't understand my that sentence.. One of the safest platform means it is among the least technical flaws and vulnerabilities.. That never says a total safe platform.. Learn to understand at first..

Future Leader, 26 Mar 2020I think you didn't understand our developing process for a ... moreOf course that's your job. Which is why your income is based on specific projects that are for business related. What the dev's are making on apple side are for the masses which is why they earned more money. You didn't even specify that your job is mostly based on security, it solutions and business related cases.

For that latest statement. I'm only mentioning the LATEST REPORT in regards to security flaws. If you think windows beats apple entirely when it comes to long term service and security. Tell me about those people who still has windows 10 smartphones. Do they still receive security updates? From what I've heard they only have until march 10 of this year to back up their files. After that they're on their own. How's that for a long term service and security updates? You think I'm an apple fan? LOL! I'm a hybrid user. And I own three devices. And I know each of their limitations. How about you? Do you even know the limitations of the devices your own? Remember what you said earlier? About "Windows is the one of safe platform by the user ratio" where did all that go after you mentioned that no platform is 100% safe?

Vegetaholic, 27 Mar 2020Lol, are you for real? Would be same as now on a phones, so... moreAsking me if I'm for real when you're ignorant, I said Snapdragon 8cx, it's twice more powerful than a Snapdragon 855 in Memory, GPU, and all 4 Cortex-A76 cores are clocked at 2.84 Ghz, instead of 1 core at 2.84 Ghz and 3 cores at 2.42Ghz in the SD 855...
If you don't understand what this means, then I can't help you.,_850,_7c,_8c,_8cx_and_SQ1

Shadocx, 19 Mar 2020I'm wondering what would be the AnTuTu score, if manufactur... moreLol, are you for real? Would be same as now on a phones, some few tablets uses 845 or 855, no difference from phone chipsets

Foxtrot2Novmbr, 26 Mar 2020From the first paragraph. If you're a developer for open so... moreI think you didn't understand our developing process for a specific work.. Well it's normal for a personal who doesn't have any work field knowledge of these.. Go read again my past comments. We are a kind of developer who work for a specific project under a specific deal.. Like making a specific software for a company, build up integrated security system through hardware and software, work for IT solutions, make specific software for business retails and stores and so on.. Piracy or Software cracks have nothing to do with our working process..

Did you read my whole comment? I don't think so.. Because I've clearly mentioned about last year security report.. Even I specifically said the number of flaws of Apple as well. And people will surely not buy products depend on only last year report, but they most of the time look for a long term service and security. Yeah Apple is very good at this no doubt but Windows just beat them entirely.. Lol! And not most of people,, only few Apple fans (mostly kids and uneducated).. You may read online articles but you're not looking like 5% of that! I mean you're looking more an regular Apple fan.. And we know how Apple fans are.. Muhahahahahaha! XD
Even I'm damn sure you've checked the report after I acknowledged you. Before that even didn't know what these are..

Future Leader, 25 Mar 2020I didn't get properly what you've said in the first para.. ... moreFrom the first paragraph. If you're a developer for open source platform. Since you've said that you work for windows because of the income. How can you say that your app which you've developed is selling? Especially if somebody has cracked your app and is offered free on pirate sites?

If you're depending on last decades rating. Then you wouldn't know the PRESENT rating. Based on the latest news. Android is the most vulnerable OS of 2019. Followed by Linux and windows 10. Here's the link.
If you look at the 2019 chart. You can see that there's no ios or IPADOS. Meaning, apple has done some serious security enhancements for their ios. Which is why most people will buy ipad than a surface pro. Just so you know. I always watch online tech news so I know what i'm replying.

Foxtrot2Novmbr, 25 Mar 2020You think its nonsense to compare an open world developing ... moreI didn't get properly what you've said in the first para.. Explain that again..

And obviously you DON'T KNOW about the security flaws and vulnerabilities for sure! Well now I talk with actual data and sources.. According to NISTNVD since 1999, Windows is the least technical vulnerable (Security flaws and issues) platforms.. Where much later platform like iOS stands upper than windows ( even including servers).. Mac OS X stood at 4th place. Android at second and Debian finished at first.. So you've just wasted your time by typing all useless words.. Yeah I won't hide that windows had a good number of security flaws in 2019 and placed at fourth place where no Apple OSs had more than 180+ security flaws and issues in last year.. So that's a good sign for Apple.. But result of last decades where windows wins easily..

Make sure that be educated little more next time before placing your reply..