nubia Red Magic 5G in for review

25 March 2020
One of the most exciting gaming phones this year is in our office, so here's what to expect in our upcoming review.

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It's a nubia red magic... Your firece rival to the RoG phone 2... We are basically onepluses on steroids... With all the bells and whistles.

If you have a gaming superiority handsets like these...

Other players won't stand a chance against unless they also have a gaming dedicated handset... I hope that the gaming superiority handset market does not grow too big... Because the competition would be way to fierce. And too cutting edge.

This gaming superiority handset is really something... It is already looking way more advanced than my RM3S...

And if that is the case... Then this is very difficult decision to choose between gaming superiority handsets... I really like the Black Shark 3 Pro. Excellent handset. And the 90hz is good for gaming anyway. As I use 90hz with 240hz touch already. Exceptional screen may I add...

But with the Lenovo Legion being debuted soon. And RoG phone 3... And knowing that the only main rival to the RoG phone 2 is the RM3S. It is becoming difficult to choose between...

Personally I am in awe of black shark 3 pro. And this RM5G is insane. I love it. But one that I have my eye out for is the Lenovo Legion and RoG 3...

But I really think the RM5G is unrivaled. But the Black Shark 3 Pro will be difficult to beat. Someone player call of duty or pubg or anything else... They will have superiority. Basically those with the highest scores are the ones with gaming phones... And now it looks like the hardcore element of mobile gaming on our superior gaming devices are fiercely competitive between gaming phones.

Basically on call of duty for example most people with by far the highest scores tend to be Android users and especially those with gaming handsets...

After months of playing. I can usually tell who has a gaming handset or Android handset just by observing the difference between scores.

I am yet to find an apple device player with a high score. Gaming on an iPhone 11 Pro or above is just a joke.

1. The user has a very blurry and touch laggy screen.
2. The internet lag and coding lag often defeats the players abilities.
3. The highly uncomfortable position of playing and hold the phone is enough to make me think that the player will need a doctor after 30 mins of play. The most uncomfortable phone to play any serious gaming on.
4. Whilst in lockdown. Best thing I ever did was buy a gaming handset. With controllers. And play to my hearts content. I can happily stay in lockdown as lond as needed. As long as I have my gaming handset, food, and internet. Happy as Larry.

Happy Gaming folks... And have a serious think when this virus is over... About a new gaming phone. Best descion I ever made.

All that power and overclocking/cpu/GPU and serious optimizations as well as gaming space undisturbed... And superior screen tech and all the bells and whistles and cooling systems. Air triggers.... You name it... Why not have a phone that can actually deliver raw power to you.... Unfiltered. Pure.

You know it makes sense....

bro it has a headphone jack! what more do you want

  • abby

why snapdragon 865 doesn’t support pubg mobile at hdr extreme while 855 and 855 plus supports that

bro it has a headphone jack! what more do you want

  • Anonymous

@gsmarena please check if USB-C to HDMI adapters work with Red Magic 5G

Main thing I would like to see is thorough testing of the software because Nubia has a notorious reputation for having buggy software.

The other thing I was interested in is the touch choreographer feature. I think it's some sort of frame compensation technology for games? Could be really neat

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2020Yes Gsmarena should bring back sunlight visibility test. A... moreTrue!

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2020Yes Gsmarena should bring back sunlight visibility test. A... moreNotebookcheck does a lotof those.

  • Anonymous

SinoIndianMigrant, 26 Mar 2020A small request team: Can we have a charging time test and ... moreYes Gsmarena should bring back sunlight visibility test.
Add a new full charging time table sorted by time/mAh.
Add a video stabilization test tool like the camera photo /video compare tool.
Add a internal storage read/write test table.
Add cpu throttling test chart and temperatures comparing it with other phones.
Add RAM management efficiency test score.
Add screen latency test.

  • Anonymous

144hz refresh rate!

A small request team: Can we have a charging time test and a dedicated table for it just like the battery drain test so that we can compare them?
I mean, fast charging is now a well touted feature in smartphones!

  • Ckk

Please photo sample ty

  • theStick

A very interesting and cool looking phone, the main drawback is that it's a nubia phone.the laptop style cooling should be effective but it also means this thing should be kept away from water, even splashes that can get inside that vent and damage it so honestly, not a good approach. Interested to see how a 144hz screen performs and what's the battery life like

I used to be very excited when a phone came in for reviews but, ever since GSMArena decided to remove the 'headphone jack' review, I literally lost interest in this site.

  • Pulkit

Waiting to see, if the cameras are capable enough and also the cooling system is effective or not. The design is really cool.

  • mel

the back is too fancy for me, i rather to have a clean back so case is not hard to find if i wanted to change all the time.

  • kikit

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2020hey slow down with reviewsWow sow buotiful the phone

  • Anonymous

hey slow down with reviews

  • Anonymous

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