Redmi Note 9 Pro Max release in India gets delayed

23 March 2020
The first sale was supposed to go live on March 25.

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  • Anonymous

Want to buy 9 pro max if it's really with less deference than 9pro pls notify me as soon as possible...

  • Harsh

Plz sir, start the sale of redmi note 9 pro max, as soon as possible, i am willing to buy it, and was waiting from a longer, time for this budget awesome phone. Plz...

  • Bheesham

I want to need this device
Please any one inform me

  • Sanjib

Sir I want to buy redmi note 9 pro max. I wating for it.pls I request you sir that is give us earlier.

Abraham, 24 Mar 2020Is it for sale in Nigeria Not yet Mate.

  • Matt

9878088, 24 Mar 2020probably it's delayed due to coronavirus pandemic? I don't ... moreofc of coronavirus they delayed sales

  • Abraham

Is it for sale in Nigeria

  • 9878088

probably it's delayed due to coronavirus pandemic? I don't think so

  • No sense

Wow rn9 pro sale no issue but max have issue due to COVID 19.. No logic

I don't people will bother to worry about this device because it more or less same as note 9 pro

  • Karanpartap

Sir I want to buy the redmi note 9 pro max . I was waiting for the release of the phone . But now u have delayed that . Is there any possibility that I can get it earlier