EMUI 10 is now installed on 100 million devices around the globe

24 March 2020
The company managed to double the amount in just two months.

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  • Les12

Can't believe P20 Pr0 is still on Version 9, such a brilliant Phone, looks like I will have to go back to another 5 if Huawei don't bring an up date out soon.

  • Aamir

Yet no update for honor 10.

  • Souza

I am in South Africa I got mine.

  • Anonymous

Hi I'm from Iran and still waiting for EMUI10 for my p30 lite..!!!

  • Sajad

Is Android 10 installable on Huawei Y9 2019?

  • Markontije

My y7 2019 is still on 8.1.😪

  • Anonymous

Go to support>click the 3 dots aligned>look for services and you will see checked updates

  • Albert

I have honor 10,my device has android 9.1
how to get android 10 for it?
Evey time I check for update, it showed is up to date
When is accessible for me?

  • MrAirisss

I'm from Lithuania. Still waiting...

  • Anonymous

I am from Pakistan waiting for emui 10 on my p20lite

  • Huawei p smart z

Android 10 is ready for smart z. Thanks to huawei my phone now have dark mode.

  • Mark

Hi I am from south Africa still waiting on emui 10 for my p30lite

  • Massimo

I'm from south africa gauteng. Still waiting for the emui 10 update in myy P30 lite. Very frustrating

  • Anonymous

Still waiting... 🙄

  • Al

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2020worst support & update service in the world : huawei +1

  • Pol

Kissio, 24 Mar 2020Hahahaha ... welcome !!! Huawei-hater !!! :-) I have a Mate 30 ... moreHow did you install Google services?

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2020And no Google services Google Services are working fine on my Mate 30 Pro 5G.

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2020worst support & update service in the world : huawei Hahahaha ... welcome !!! Huawei-hater !!! :-)
I have a Mate 30 Pro 5G with Google Services working fine and receiving weekly security & software updates.
Simply it's the BEST Android phone I have it ever.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I have the Mate 10 Pro but no updates for me too.

  • AngryLithuanian

Not that I'm complaining, phone works fine, but I'm still on EMUI 9.1.1 with Android 9 on Mate 20 X 5G (o2-uk) hmm.. 🤔