Lenovo Legion smartphone renders leak, reveal more than just the design

24 March 2020
It will have a massive 5,050 mAh battery.

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  • Osiris

No 3.5mm jack lol

  • Anonymous

Another gaming phone that looks like a 12 year old boy designed it thinking it looks cool, urgh. It's frustrating as the internals sound great and I'm sure the price would be alright with it being Lenovo.

  • Julian M

Popop971, 24 Mar 2020N°1 requirement for a gaming smarphone : be uglyNothing new there, gaming notebooks and desktops have always had that retarded black & red with the traditional "l33t" light show for ages.

It's been around for so long that you gotta admit at some point the target audience actually into this ugly design stuff.

  • Q

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2020"It looks like the back panel is almost entirely made of metal b... moreBrilliant!

That looks like a robocop and megatron wannabe.
It's not looking good..

Yeah it's different, but the other gaming phones are different too. But they look cool at least. This one looks off. Especially the triangle in the middle..

Well of course it will be SD865 device and i bet it will have something no other phone on the market ever had.
Something trully innovative and special.

Where is it? I was waiting for an announcement. I was expecting 8k camera, instead of the 855 like 4k specification out there.

  • Anonymous

This one looks ugly tbh.
Nubia Red Magic 5 & Black Shark 3 are stunning despite sporting the gaming look.

This looks nothing like the leaked press images of the phone and it's accessories in the luggage case

  • Popop971

N°1 requirement for a gaming smarphone : be ugly

  • Anonymous

"It looks like the back panel is almost entirely made of metal but we can't confirm for sure"

What? You can't judge from those images? It seem they use partially transparent glass back panel like the upcoming Nubia red magic or Xiaomi explorer edition, then they cover the internal with fake plastic futuristic-internal-component-looking-cover. And from the image we can say this Lenovo Legion also employ active fan as cooling to their phone much more like Nubia Redmagic, just check those circular fan-like component located below big N letter, between logos "COOL" and "855 QUALCOM"/"GAME"

  • hmm

It looks just fancy brick with lots of holes that suck in dust

  • Anonymous

The gaming smartphone market is growing, but still very small, a little larger than a million per year. When Razer launched its gaming phone a few years ago, it literally sold just a few hundred units. Razer simply could not finish selling its first (small) batch of a few thousand units.

  • Anonymous

MagicMonkeyBoy, 24 Mar 2020Knew it!!! Absolutely knew it... That is what you call an ultra... moreExcept for the chipset and amount of lens, its not any better than rog 2 and you compared it with rog 3 lol

  • AnonD-908380

IpsDisplay, 24 Mar 2020I love how unapologetically ugly it is It's all about functio... moreFunctionality? This looks like those "gaming" membrane keyboards for ten bucks xD. Sure it's something different but nobody will take you seriously if they see you using this xD.

I love how unapologetically ugly it is

It's all about functionality

I actually believe that Lenovo isn't just all talk when they mentioned the next level cooling

Hopefully the real product looks close to this as possible

To many glass lame phones

Lenovo has been making some impressive phones as of late. This one looks a bit odd though. Let's wait for official renders.

  • Anonymous

It will probably never get any android version updates.

  • S8 9.0


No headphone jack and no true stereo speakers ≠ a true gaming phone