Huawei P40 and P40 Pro specs and pricing detailed days before release

24 March 2020
Some things never change - the best features are reserved for the Pro model, but it will cost you 200 more than the vanilla phone.

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PK25, 25 Mar 20203 months ago I traded my note 9(exynos version) with a mate 20 p... moreHey, is it really true?!

I just returned an S20+ (Exynos version) after only 2 days of use - the phone was extremely sh*tty and I couldn't even play Arena of Valor on it without it overheating every 10 seconds causing huge lagg and making the game unplayable.. So I returned it. I have been looking at an Mate 20 Pro as well because I don't want to pay so much money for so called "flagships" that are sh*t anyway.

Seems like every manufacturer so far in 2020 has failed miserably at delivering a good smartphone - either it's sh*tty batteries, screens, bugged cameras, half-baked software, ugly notches, cut-out, low display res or astronomical prices.. Oh my God..

Now there's only iPhone 12 series and Note 20+ left.. The Mate 40 Pro will mess up big time as well with a sh*tty display, camera tech and ugly-ass cut-out..

Apple will probably also mess up with a sh*tty battery, an astronomical price and a sh*tty camera from the past..

The only little hope left is the Note 20+ which hopefully doesn't mess up too..

  • PK25

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2020The P40 Pro looks like a beast. I prefer the size of the P40 th... more3 months ago I traded my note 9(exynos version) with a mate 20 pro. The difference in heating and battery life was dramatic. The huawei has never been overheated like the note 9.Even in gaming, it just gets a bit warm. I was also amazed about the battery life. I get around 20% more battery with the same usage.

  • Anonymous

p30 was 6.1
149mm + 165gr

best tall & weight you can find btw flagships

p40 also will be too like p30

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2020The P40 Pro looks like a beast. I prefer the size of the P40 th... moreBut no battery improvement over P30 Pro..

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2020My thoughts: - 16:9 sensor: since video is 16:9, you do not... moreWonder if aspect ratio is enough of reason, sony can out even 21:9 on 4:3 sensor.
I also shoot at 16:9, because most devices got such ratio, I would rather go to 21:9 for stills than 4:3, weird to use super wide screen devices and shoot in almost squares.
I would welcome 9:16 sensor though, so we get rid of unintentional vertical videos and photos.

Just like with most phone these days: too expensive for what it is. If I'm going to spend €1000 on a phone, why shouldn't I buy Galaxy S20, which has more features like QHD display or 120Hz refresh rate and an actual Google Play store? (I know you can bypass it, but it's not what average customer is going to do)

The price should've been around €700, not more.

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2020The p40 is simply subpar compared to the bigger models. It's s... moreWhen Huawei releases the Mate 40 Pro this year, your S20 will probably get smaller. My current Mate 30 Pro 5G with Google Services is one of the best three mobile phones in the world at the present day.

  • SteveFOX

Regular P40 really hits that sweet spot for a compact flagship. Don't care for high refresh rates.
Shame both have these huge cut-outs for the cameras.
Still hoping the P40 just has one hole which is bearable.

What about Huawei p40 pro plus?tell about release date

  • sayabosanhidup

Raky, 24 Mar 2020Wait just 3 months, this one will go for half of it's price,ord... moreoh it might be true be cause they make
high profits from it since the beginning

it s a sad thing for those who live outside china
as your govern ment tax is just too high i guess

but their prices in china are always stable
since they are al ready 50% from the start

Flop overpriced crap

  • huawei1

So same battery size as P30 pro but with larger more power consuming 90hz display, same specs (8gb ram with 256gb ROM), same amount of 50x zoom, slower aperture of 1.9 vs f1.6 on my P30 pro, beautiful design with lots of beautiful dead pixels on top left corner (think galaxy S10 but the black hole is on steroids) and AppGallery that has Fortnite (unlike Google play)

Well done Huawei.
Just gimmi dual speakers this time pleaz

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2020True. It's like, only the pro makes sense to buy. They push the ... moreThe regular p model always sells well in China. It's one of the very few options for a relatively compact phone and will be around US$350 cheaper than the s20 (which is probably the only similar sized 5g model available). There is not that big of a difference between them in practice. Same processor, same main sensor, same selfie sensor. Main difference on cameras is the zoom levels. Battery life shouldn't be too different due to the smaller screen on the p40.

  • Anonymous

I liked Sony's approach to flagships. A bigger size phone and a compact, both with same features. The only difference being size fire those who prefer big or small phones. End of confusion. And now there are multiple variants with different features in each. Doesn't make sense since they're supposed to be called flagship. The flagship is only one, not many

So far so great.
S20 ultra got beaten again.

  • Anonymous

The p40 is simply subpar compared to the bigger models.
It's safe to say, that there is no challenger to the S20(Snapdragon) for best compact flagship of the year.

And where is the p40 pro premium?
Huawei messing it up like others with too many versions.
Miss the days, when there was only one variant of a flagship phone.

In my opinion, there should only exist two versions for a flagship phone - big screen size model and compact model with most of the internals remaining same without cutting any corners.

  • aaa

I'd consider 60Hz display with 120Hz touch sensing...but if not, I'd consider the Pro this time around given if it has a higher touch sensing reading like what samsung did to their s20 series

  • Mad_admin

I'm a former Galaxy S serie user, since 1,5 y a Mate 20 pro user, I don't know how Samsung can get me back.
The battery, camera and 3d face recognition are the most important features.
1. Don't like YY sensor's colors, so no P/Mate 30 pro for me.
2 4200 battery in 2020 is a joke.

Obvious, Huawei's troubles are not exclusively to the US sanctions.
Oppo find x2 appeals more to me.
Let's waiting few days to see the rise or the fall.

travstr, 24 Mar 2020huawei always makes the difference between their pro and non-pro... moreMy thoughts entirely. It's 3 phones in one series. Hate the approach.