Madhav Sheth teases Realme smartwatch, purple Realme 6 Pro coming soon

25 March 2020
The Realme India CEO detailed quite a few upcoming products in the latest episode of #AskMadhav.

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Vic4BBM, 26 Mar 2020Realme is nothing but OPPO VIVO One+ phones rebadged with m... moreAbsolutely it's a complete con

  • Anonymous

uk7866, 26 Mar 2020Guy thinks he's the Steve Jobs of the current era. It's jus... moreThe best description about him so far.

Realme is nothing but OPPO VIVO One+ phones rebadged with minor changes here and there, released at so called affordable prices.

And people from India, go crazy and start buying it. I am an Indian and have seen how people go crazy when offered cheaper phones , assuming same and better features when compared to branded phones.

Firstly Realme name is chosen to replicate the success of REDMI. Have seen many outlets who brainwash buyers saying - oh Realme and Redmi are same company ( since both are Chinese brands). But Realme is better than Redmi and then go on all blah blah about useless features stuffed in their phones. In reality OPPO VIVO REALME offer more profit margin per phone than other brands. That's why whenever a buyer walks into a brick and mortar store, the seller will always offer Realme as an option to any brand the buyer asks.

REDMI may be affordable phones, but at least they don't play tricks on buyers like what OPPO VIVO REALME does. And moreover though Chinese, REDMI ( Xiaomi in all) offers value for money.

  • Anonymous

At first they flooded the market by releasing different phones every week, now they are releasing same phones with different colours. Was it too hard to release all colour variants of 6 pro during launch?

  • Gobinath

Damn he looks like a foreign guy

Guy thinks he's the Steve Jobs of the current era. It's just a generic brand with products that are no different to the mass produced Chinese stuff..