OnePlus 8 Pro official images and specs leak, show off new mint color

26 March 2020
The phone will have a large 120Hz display with a punch hole and for the first time OnePlus will have an IP68-rated phone with wireless charging.

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HYPR, 27 Mar 2020I agree on the water bit but your post on dust... No. If you was... moreActually I could open my own repaid shop, I repaired many computers and can easily assemble a PC, I know that it can kill components, but honestly, seeing how many PC are completely filled with dust and operate without any issue and comparing with the percentages that got issue from dust other than heating, this isn't like a tiny dust particle who got its way in a super tight opening that water can't even go through that will be the biggest threat of a Smartphone.
Even in the day of swappable battery where the back of the phone was removable, dust wasn't a concern.
Because if dust can get in those really tights spaces, what about power and volume buttons then ? Or the USB which in theory should be filled with dust and render inoperative...
Yes, there is risks, but it is like saying that I strongly discourage you to drive a car because car is the leading cause of death on the street, in reality most drivers will be fine.

Oneplus is scrambling to figure out which features to put on this phone while keeping some for the OP8T/McClaren and the 9.
My prediction: 8T will get slightly bigger battery upgraded os 180 touch sensing. 9 will get 5K battery and 16GB ram 👍

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2020What no 5GCan you rwad? Lol. (deliberate) It has an 865 snapdragon. 5G included.

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2020Boring design, without a single interesting camera. Nothing tha... moreGood. Don't buy it then. We don't care. How about comment on a phone you'd love to own. This phone isn't massively pleasing to me either, but I ain't going around chortling off random I don't likes about it. No one has seen the camera quality yet. And ifs the physical appreance of the camera lens you are talking about then we'll, that's pathetic.

Logan, 27 Mar 2020Why No Pop Up ? Do they reserve it for the 8T Pro ??? Punchholes... moreAnd needless breakable pop up cameras are?! Talking madness. Most ridiculous phone tech thus far. You wanna show off is all. Adds nothing and is another expensive breakable component that can wear out. Punch hole cameras are the best iteration so far.

Demongornot, 27 Mar 2020Sorry but there are some well known person who are honest and wh... moreI agree on the water bit but your post on dust... No. If you was in the know, you'd know dust is one of the biggest killers of electronics. Since old cathode Ray TV's and chronically to all PC's across the ages, dust will destroy them. Kills many a PC and wrecks havoc. You seemingly have little experience with the comment you made which is laughable. Dust kills.

  • Anonymous

Boring design, without a single interesting camera. Nothing that attracts me to purchase it. And less knowing that the prices will rise again, for that reason they release the subpar and worse Lite that, in fact, not worth too, as the difference in price is ridiculous according the leaked prices.

They forgot how to design a interesting phone. Now Oppo and Vivo are a lot ahead of them in several areas. Seems that they also forgot what "Never Settle" means, less in increase their prices with each iteration, year by year...

  • Dometalican

J. , 27 Mar 2020Buy an adaptor, cost less than 10 dollares. Stop crying. Don't feel like abusing the Type-C port and those tend to have garbage DACs for listening to music. Stop promoting stupidity. There's NO reason to leave it out as LG has proven time and time again despite their phones looking bad this year.

J. , 27 Mar 2020Buy an adaptor, cost less than 10 dollares. Stop crying. Sure, my GF who often watch stuff with my Corsair Void Pro who can connect on Jack, while recharging the phone will have such a good time with an adapter who don't allow to do both those basic things in the same time.
The day USB port will be removed you'd probably be one of the first to bitch about, and yes it might actually be removed, that's a real thing the phone industry is looking into.
The day you'll also need to buy 20 different adapter because standard won't be followed and many proprietary plugs will be everywhere, we'll see if you'll still have the same speech.

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2020Do not believe youtube test. IP hardware costs more than certi... moreSorry but there are some well known person who are honest and who simply take said phone and put it in water, which is a really simple test, and I'd believe them any day over a totally unknown guy posting anonymously.
You do realize that OnePlus is KNOWN to make water resistant phone despite not giving them IP certification, right ?
They also claim it themselves, that despite no certification, the phone resist well against water.
And yes, that's one of the obvious drawback of IP certification, it add unnecessary cost.
I personally simply don't lets my phone get wet, and I don't see why it shouldn't be a totally normal conduct, things shouldn't get sacrificed to be idiot proof, if you can't understand that a mini computer packed with billions of transistors, fragile components and a sensitive battery isn't made to get in contact with water, except for extreme rugged and waterproof (and not just water resistant as IP rating give), I don't see why the whole phone lineup should be impacted by that lack of logic.

They do not cover if the phone is damaged by water, they can't verify if it is from a single rain drop or from a 50m deep dive.
How and why you get your phone dirty in the first place ? I simply clean my phone's display with microfiber cloth as it is designed to do and that's more than enough, it is clean and I don't need water for that.

And yes dust, this thing most PC are full of and work perfectly fine regardless, that's so important to get an official certification against it !
Mostly knowing water already can't get in, dust is such a treat !

You know on what type of thing an IP rating is useful ?
Outdoor stuff, like security camera who are exposed to the rain, or shampoo dispenser that you place in your shower.
Those two have a logical reason to be waterproof, but smartphones ? Really ?
Smartwatch, yeah, I get it, it is quite logical, but smartphones ? Why not asking for a waterproof printer as you are at it !

  • Logan

Why No Pop Up ? Do they reserve it for the 8T Pro ??? Punchholes are so stupid.

  • J.

Dometalican, 26 Mar headphone jack again....I can see the OBVIOUS spot that... moreBuy an adaptor, cost less than 10 dollares. Stop crying.

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 26 Mar 2020@Whackcar @T M @travstr One give you official water resistance ... moreDo not believe youtube test.
IP hardware costs more than certification, few people lie if they say it has the rubbers but no certification.

They do not cover if you go to the pool, but if your phone falls by accident in the water. You can also wash your phone if it is dirty.

The IP is against dust too, not just water.

  • Anonymous

What no 5G

  • Dometalican headphone jack again....I can see the OBVIOUS spot that could fit it but nooooooooooooo...OnePlus has to freakin' not learn from their mistakes as to why people like myself refuse to buy their phones....


@Whackcar @T M @travstr
One give you official water resistance on a phone who already has a good enough water resistance, but still don't allow you to use your phone for diving anyway and still won't cover water damages in warranty and can't guarantee you that YOUR phone will be water resistant enough to not get damaged.
The second give you real fullscreen without butchering it, don't screw up with notifications and give you privacy, plus if efforts into using a different design were made, the pop up could be implemented with perfect water resistance and even waterproof capabilities.

But anyway, OnePlus like the other brands, are too stupid to evolve the pop up design who use outdated tech and clearly too stupid to make a pop up with 3D Facial unlock sensors embed in, so it is almost useless anyway outside of privacy and fullscreen (which is good enough for some peoples though).

But the day a stupid new trend you all will all hate will reach the market and since manufacturers only know how to follow trend and are really good at making really bad design and taking poor decisions, they'll all put it on almost all their phone and it will be on almost all available phones like the notch/hole is today, but you won't be able to complain that we lack diversity and that there isn't any other options, because you are contributing to that, and when a different option is FINALLY available, rather than choosing one of the THOUSAND of other phones who have what you want, you'll complain about this one who may be the only one to have this feature.
And honestly with this kind of attitude, most peoples doing that deserve that a really bad trend hit the market and that almost all phone have a really unwanted feature ! It would be pure Karma !

Whackcar, 26 Mar 2020Some may disagree with me, but i think trading the pop-up selfie... moreI was about to comment the same thing.

last oneplus I've used was when I had the 3T, before that I had an Xperia Z2. I was surprised at how much I missed the water protection when I jumped ship.

and I'm impressed they're starting with 30W wireless charging, they really mean it when they say they only add features when they're mature enough.

  • T M

My guess is they had to sacrifice better cameras like a periscope to add worthless features like IP rating and wireless charging because the same tools kept crying for them.

Some may disagree with me, but i think trading the pop-up selfie camera with IP68 certification was well worth it. Also, it is about time they offer fast wireless charging on their phones.

Overall, it is looking like one of the better phones of the year, and OnePlus's most full-featured phone yet. Let's hope they nail the camera performance this time as well.