Huawei CEO confirms P40 lineup availability won't be affected by COVID-19 outbreak

26 March 2020
The manufacturing process began in December, months before the outbreak of the virus.

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  • Anonymous

Huawei has already had this situation on their hands, the manufacturing started on December as he said and then the manufacturing was not affected with the pandemic, of course it was not affected because they created it, they are trying to shake the very foundation of the global economy and now they are buying and expanding their influence, who knows, in the coming months, west might not be able to recover yet in this health situation and by that time, their influence will becoming bigger and bigger and it will be too late , thus we will no longer have a choice but to choose between Chinese phones with their OS and believe me, when it happened, people then will again complain because of something blah blah blah, its our nature, we always seek for something like perfect thus we will not be contented on something that is easy, people may think this is a health issue but believe me, this is an art of war.

Lol, without breaking the bank P40 and P40 Pro are stupidly expensive, no GMS and they charging like north 1000 euros, P40 line up is a failure

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2020Spyware aside. Why would anyone continue to support Huawei and c... moreWell its them or Google, pick your poison I guess? :)

  • NamAli

What happened to "We won't use Google services even if we could"? They were so full of confidence a while ago. And how do they expect this pandemic not to effect them if it affects all the major companies that are stronger than them and have a larger more devoted customer base

  • Anonymous

AnonD-908380, 26 Mar 2020Gotta produce spyware at all cost I guess LOL.Spyware aside. Why would anyone continue to support Huawei and china gov aka cv origin is beyond my understanding at this point of time.
Make excellent photos in full isolation. What a thrilled experience.

Any news about TomTom maps? And hopefully they will develop Google Photos alternative as well

  • the pro

sure, but people now has to eat since no more work.......hope you end up giving away this awesome phone for free....

That's just impossible.

Huawei must keep their ccp designed-developed googleless junk inside their own country, plentyful captive clientele there

The world is heading for a recession. Obviously, sales will be greatly affected.

"The Chinese company believes it will be very successful in the future and it gets better every day. However, co-operation with Google will resume."

So if it successful why co-op with google? I guess they're struggling outside of china that why they still need google. I hope it true cause I dont want any red spywares lurking around.

  • Anonymous

Yeah, because Huawei is basically ran by the Chinese military, they can make sure to push production over others.

Next we need eSim smartwatch from Huawei with apps. Not just gps sports bluetooth watch like the GT2 and Honor watch. We need apps and esim. You have the tech. Look p40pro+ it is from different universe. Do the same with your watches please.

Oh, well that is convenient.

  • AnonD-908380

Gotta produce spyware at all cost I guess LOL.

Well China is coming out of the pandemic, and so they'll sell well over there. Can't tell me they expected to sell many in Europe or America.

I am glad that so many companies still allow or find a way to work despite quarantine.
I hope they take care of safety well enough and workers are well protected.

  • Anonymous

No Thank you, China

I wonder when their own OS will come...