Samsung Galaxy Note finally gets the official Ice Cream Sandwich

10 May, 2012
Multiple sources report that the long awaited update is now seeding to Galaxy Notes around the world.

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  • keewije

I use Samsung SHV-E160S phone in Sri Lanka How do i update Gingerbread to Jellybean? DMB Tv tuner notworking in Colombo,Why?

  • Keith

I use Samsung SHV-E160S in Sri Lanka .How can get updated to Jelly bean from Colombo

  • Nats

Yazdi Tantra, 17 Jun 2012I upgraded my Samsung Galaxy Note with ICS in Mumbai, India and ... moreHow did u upgrade your OS in mumbai

  • matt

Uodate out for all south african vodacom users

  • matt

Update out for south African Mtn users. Avoid kids as it freezes during transfer. Do it over OTA

  • Anonymous

i ve upgraded my galaxy note N-7000 to ICS software but after rebooting, the phone is not starting. it gets stucked where samsung is initially written after starting the phone. please help me.

  • Talon Karrde

I bought TODAY a Galaxy Note in Romania from Orange.
It came with Gingerbread, first thing to do was, to updated it to ICS without problem through Software Update.

  • DON

i just recieved my ICS in India in my Galaxy Hybrid.

  • Bob Johnson

I`ve got my ICS update today here in Bosnia,Europe. I was desperate since I have already seen that almost everyone got their update except me. So I decided to do factory reset so I can try to update it then. When I tried to reset it asked me to sign out/delete Samsung Account. I did so and then tried to update without master reset. And there it was it popped out when I tried to update. So my advice is, if you are still witing for an update, try to delete your Samsung account and then ask for update. And I have to far so good.. everything looks smoother and faster new "HD" look...I like it...Good luck for everyone who is still waiting! Cheers!

  • Sandra

Got ICS on my SG Note here in the Philippines :)

  • Anonymous

Just updated mine here in the UK.

  • paulmurza

Do not upgrade to ICS anymore until samsung is not dealing the brick bug, I've been through this, my phone was bricked, I don't want anyone to lose a 600 $ phone. Wait until the patches from samsung come out, search google for samsung brickbug. Bye

  • Yazdi Tantra

I upgraded my Samsung Galaxy Note with ICS in Mumbai, India and am really thrilled with the experience

  • decepticon

hey! ota update of note here in dubai! yey! ics here we come! joygasm!

  • Rahul Rodrigues

Hi Everyone,

I'm using my Note from 2 months.I updated my Note to ICS last week.I would to be bring few things in front of you then you decide whether update is worthful?Its my personal experience.


My battery last long within 7-8 hours for normal calling and 7-8 messages.For Internet it has gone worst.Overall battery performance is below par.

Samsung Premium apps

Its really fun and bring very useful functionality.

Music Player

Slight Chnages and small bugs have been removed.Better try Winamp Pro

App support

Even though it claims Backward compatibility trust me other than well know apps many apps faces problem.Gr8 news since many developer updating their apps for ICS.

Face Unlock

It hardly works.useless

system performance

Trust me friends.Its not stable.sometimes it works silk smooth but most of times you will face lag and behavior is very unpredictable.i faced problem closing apps.

Calling and contacts

calling has been improved but many takes it takes strane long time to open even dial pad.same problem with contacts list.

Video player
It crashes frequently but I'm using MX player thats far better.


Its Superfast.Works even better than Opera in terms of flash,javascript but its not complete.Still missing basic functionality.


It was superb and now just amazing.


Nicely updated.Works complaints

Settings menu

Nicely Done.Good Work

Friends,Thats my personal Experience.Still I feel it requires stability.There is incompleteness.

  • boraem99

i updated my n7000 yestoday in CAMBODIA via pc kies.
1. update pc kies sofware to the latest
2. new firmware will alert and choose update new firmware and follow. good luck!

  • Salamander

Came out on Kies yesterday for us in Estonia, Europe. Seems good so far...

  • rex

nothing in brunei....

  • calin

ICS on Kies or OTA still not in Romania !!!!

  • calin

Orange Romania
still no ics ?