OnePlus promises always-on display feature with a future update

28 March 2020
The company wasn't very specific on when it will happen, though.

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Carol, 28 Mar 2020Their are better implementation of the "always on" stollen ... moreIt's called Ambient Display on many android phones which is mostly on phones with OLED

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Adoogle, 28 Mar 2020It appears all you fandroids love the prospect of OnePlus b... moreI know right, no one should have copied Apple when they introduced touch screen, what the point of making innovations that can benefit everyone after all, we should all praise proprietary technology, only the first brand who make it should have the right to use it !
I mean, why does every cars have seat belts, airbags, aircon, autoradio, ABS, power steering, that's not fair !
It would be SO MUCH better of only the first to put those on their cars were able to still use it !
Wouldn't it be nice if only a single brand had the seat belt, another the airbags, another the lane departure warning, another with cruise control, another with windows and another single brand with doors, it would be so nice of peoples didn't have choices and were only forced to choose between highly specific features like life saving, comfort and practicality depending on the brand !

Yeah we clearly need companies to be real selfish and only do their own stuff without allowing anyone to make identical stuff.
You must be right, that's how technology should evolve.
Can you really imagine that other brand were rude enough to copy stuff like adding fingerprint reader on their phone after the Motorola Atrix introduced it !
C'mon clearly only Motorola should be allowed to have fingerprint reader.
Same with dark mode, how other brands can shamelessly copy user life improving features like that !

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Smuti, 28 Mar 2020Dunno who wanted this useless gimmick? Seriously, what we ... moreWho want Smartphones anyway, no such need as gimmick like high resolution display, Oled, tactile, Wi-Fi and internet access, I mean it a phone after all, the mighty Nokia 3310 was already sufficient, and for those with more specific need the Blackberry were more than enough !
I mean the BlackBerry Curve 8310 was already the top end of technology we needed, except for gimmicks like camera and GPS.
Though I am not even sure if the mobile telephone is useful, I mean, it is a gimmick right, we have telephone booth, why would someone need a portable phone, because of that we needed to build lots of antenna, having more telephone booth would have been money better invested !
But hey, I know a purist who prefer pigeons, it is more eco friendly, he might be right.

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AOD is waste of battery. If you want most efficient battery life disable gms and use gsam battery monitor app power saving. I am using it and my battery life becomes double.

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CompactPhones5ever, 28 Mar 2020"When the OnePlus 6 launched back in 2018, the phone shippe... moreA part of the OP userbase is quite vocal and yes they apparently are morons. Just a shame that OP gave in to these morons by removing this feature. They should have disabled this feature by default so that these morons wouldn't have noticed it and wouldn't have complained about it.

Dunno who wanted this useless gimmick?
Seriously, what we all want on our 1+ is expandable storage and good ol Jack.

"When the OnePlus 6 launched back in 2018, the phone shipped to reviewers with a pre-production software that had an always-on display feature. The functionality was later removed when the phone started shipping to customers as OnePlus feared it would drain the battery too much."

I f*cking hate this approach - "this feature, which can be turned on/off any time user wants, might not function as intended, so we're going to completely remove it to make the phone more user friendly". Is your target audience mentally challenged kids? Why can't I decide whether I prefer always-on display or extra battery life? If it drains too much I disable it, is it really that hard to understand?

Shhzd amar, 28 Mar 2020I wonder if always on is even really useful? I had a oneplu... moreI have the 'pickup to show' ony op7

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As a serial cheater - always on displays , no thanks !

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mathaddict, 28 Mar 2020burn ins are real problem manThey are not that big of a deal as they are in Galaxy S8 era. S9 had no burn in problems like S8 had so I think its not that of an issue

My experience with AOD has been very positive. I shifted from an iPhone to Redmi K20 (SD 730, 6GB RAM, 128 GB UFS 2.1, 4000mah, SuperAMOLED FullHD).

In my personal experience, the battery saved by turning off AOD is not worth the compromise in functionality. Especially since I don't wear a watch. I save about 15% battery if I turn off AOD, but my phone easily has about 35% battery left at the EOD. And I am a heavy user. I get 5.5 hours of SOT with AOD on and I frequently indulge binge-watching spree (due to the recent COVID-19 lockdown)

With MiUi 11 and Android 9 as well as 10, I have noticed that the AOD date and time keep shifting after an interval. Therefore the chances of burn-in are practically zero.

I think the phone batteries, the AMOLED technologies and the super-efficient 7 nm processors have outgrown the earlier cons of AOD. The burn-in can issue can be resolved by lighting different sections of the screen like MiUi does.

I hope OP introduces this feature as soon as possible.

Whackcar, 28 Mar 2020Most overrated feature ever. Most of my phones had it since... moreI forgot to deduce screen-on hours. You can minus 2-6 hours depending on your usage.

Even if you use your phone for 6 hours per day. Your AoD consumption would be 18% to 36% per day. Still too high.

Most overrated feature ever. Most of my phones had it since 2016. I always turn it off.

It's a waste of battery life (Even 1% to 2% per hour is too much. It combines into 24% to 48% per day), and it CAN cause burn-ins (I've seen them too often on other's phones).

It's nice to have the option, but I'll advise against using it nonetheless.

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LG Superfan, 28 Mar 2020IMO AOD and Ambient Display should be on all phones even th... moreTheir are better implementation of the "always on" stollen from Nokia idea and that will be Glance. Where you can choose how it will behave, always on quite dim and pushing more light when recivibg notifications, or moving the device or turns on just when receiving something or moving the device (better suited for lcds), but of course just the always on screen, not the whole thing. Now i do not know if by samsesung the copy is the same, but i presume that all manufacturers could do this kind of implementation and would be suited for all screnns.

IMO AOD and Ambient Display should be on all phones even those with LCD especially since more and more phones are lacking LED notification light
OEMs can use software tricks to preserve battery life like reducing brightness to minimum and give only a 10 seconds brightness boost in bright environments and reducing refresh rate of the screen which should reduce battery life
And before commenting its useless on LCD cause of high battery drain remember LG did it too and it only used 1-2% per hour

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I have had a Oneplus 7 pro as my daily runner for a while now. I cannot understand the necessity of an always on display beyond what is already included. You touch the screen once and it shows, rather than staying on - always - including when you're not looking! I'm often not even in the same room with my phone yet it should have its screen on for some reason? Or even on my desk; as I work, for instance, and am concentrating on my computer, why should the phone have its screen on when I don't look at it?

It's a feature missing of course. And there should be a choice. But what is already included is enough.

It appears all you fandroids love the prospect of OnePlus bringing back a feature (always-on display) that was realised by Windows Phone 7 as far back as 2013, otherwise known as the 'Glance Screen'.

Both Windows Phone 7 (WP7) and its successor Windows 10 Mobile (W10M) had features built within the OS that made them a complete mobile OS offering, designed to nourish the user with efficiency, thereby streamlining one's daily tasks.

But sadly mob rule prevailed, and both Blandroid and iØS unseated the awesomeness of Windows on the small screen. All the while, features that were synonymous with Windows Phone/Mobile were pinched by Google and Apple, with the iSheep hailing such innovations as groundbreaking and indicative of Apple's technologicsl prowess - the reality is such features were incorporated into the Lumias running Windows many years earlier.

With Windows Phone/Mobile consigned to annals of history, Google and Apple are free to selectively ransack features from WP7 and W10M without legal reprisal from the could-have-been dominant player, Microsoft. Such behaviour is reminiscent of scavenging vultures, which speaks volume for both Google and Apple.

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Shhzd amar, 28 Mar 2020I wonder if always on is even really useful? I had a oneplu... moreWell now most android phone light up their display when either you tap the screen more simply move them, but since the small teardrop notch and punch hole caused real proximity sensors to be a thing of the past, the feature of waving the phone is not anymore a thing.

Always On Display is really awesome when you aren't constantly checking it but you just glance at it occasionally, that way not only you can have the time, which is quite handy by itself, but you also see the battery level and the notifications without having to even move a finger, just your eyes to look at it, that's why I really want so much this feature, so I don't have to constantly tap or move the phone in order to see basic stuff, like messages I may have missed, what time it is, if because of the router mode I don't need to recharge it soon or not, etc.

I wonder if always on is even really useful? I had a oneplus 3 earlier which came with a feature that if I keep my hand on the proximity sensor and remove, the ambient display would turn on, this used to be really handy, just removing the phone out from pocket would show notification, if the phone is lying on the screen and your hands are dirty it was handy, even when I was sleeping I used to keep my phone with the back on the up side and whenever I used to lift it, it showed me the time, but unfortunately oneplus removed that feature

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mathaddict, 28 Mar 2020burn ins are real problem manTrue, but burn in is way less severe or problematic as we think it is, modern Oled display are really strong against it, and some smart and easy tricks can help preventing it such as moving things around or mixing some where a white next to a black one become two grey (almost unnoticeable).

Ideally you could even have a really high resolution display which regularly switch between half of the adjacent pixels, making burn in literally a thing of the past.

This could be handled at hardware level making the image basically outputted at maximum resolution, but for each pixels who stay active a little too long, simply switching to half resolution through adjacent pixels, meaning we get both really high resolution and ultra clear image, but we also save both battery and the display.

Anyway with Microled we will have Always On Display without any risks of burn in !