LG Optimus 2X ICS update pushed back to Q3

11 May, 2012
The Android 4.0 update, which was initially scheduled for this quarter, has been pushed back to Q3 of this year.

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  • mishu

Astalavista LG. The last LG product bought is o2x. You simply don't care about your customers. At all. Let me remind you that you are who you are because of us , the end users. Beside that, the refrigerator and the TV were the last bought from you as well- you know better that the market is so f huge... ; I'm not going to be stupid again to believe in your support. I just got bored of your infantile reply to our problem.

  • Felipe U.

I got bored of waiting for the update from LG, so i install ICS from Nova HD based on CM9 and the phone works better than the LG official firmware, I recommend you do the same, just a detail to watch for alarms and video camera, the rest works fine, much faster. must rooted the phone and work with clockworks rom manager.

  • AnonD-63871

pl dont delay the update any further

  • entry

I will never again buy an LG phone.
Good hardware, bad support.

  • doodz

ICS for Optimus 2x is Only a Humor otherwise do not buy LG product again.

  • bhaskar_1012

still waiting....i hope u wont disappoint ur valuable customers....

  • AnonD-56798

not... happy... STILL no ICS... AND! chrome for droid neither... selling it. im done.

  • SamsungBeatLG

Life no longer good if u own their products.So problematic,even the software update program looks so ugly and not friendly, it shows they have no interest to excel in after sales support. look at KIES, then u should know where is your weakness.

  • Anonymous

jellybean doesn't support flash

  • jcbzone

doodz, 04 Jul 2012What? Optimus 2x getting jellybean ows its Miracle! Right Lg com... moreyeah I agree, the JellyBean idea is still far fetch for now but im crossing my fingers, and there's always cyanogenmod.

  • doodz

jcbzone, 03 Jul 2012Maybe LG should just skip ICS and go straight to JellyBean.What? Optimus 2x getting jellybean ows its Miracle! Right Lg company? because till now ICS is only a HUMOR for Optimus 2x the 1st Dual core in the world. But what happen?

  • jcbzone

Maybe LG should just skip ICS and go straight to JellyBean.

  • doodz

Be sure the ics update for Optimus 2x are good condition, bugs free, no freezing or system hang and very fast rather than gingerbread specially the camera. because your company has a bad image to all consumer by breaking the promises of exact release of the firmware. please try to ENVY in Samsung, Sony Ericson, and HTC all of them are already ICS 4.04 and waiting for the Jelly Bean. GET UP LG and compete them.

  • Anonymous

The delay is unfortunate but I'd much prefer they delayed it and got it right rather than focussed on getting it out too fast and coming out with an unstable update.

And more important for me than the promptness of updates is how the phone itself works. I've had my 2X for over a year and have been very happy with it. No problems for me at all, unlike a few Samsung owners I know.

  • Anonymous

tranny99, 11 May 2012I've got 2x and am soooo glad I rooted it to cyogenmod7 woohoo!!Same...wish LG would release the drivers to Cyanogen to complete the cm9. If cm7 is already this nice, imagine cm9 being fully functional, including video.

  • Augie

"LG" never again. I bought LG Optimus 2x mid last year for around $750 in Sri Lanka and no customer support service at all. Never again for LG.
I have switched on to Samsung

  • Sooraj

It is very disgusting that being the first guys to introduce dual core, LG is the last guys to provide ICS for 2x. I should have gone with Samsung.

  • Anonymous

If its put out and its slower than 2.3, I don't think I'll buy LG products any more. I hear Samsung runs a good company.

  • Anonymous

level, 22 May 2012You can make an update on this news - since LG removed all posts... morewake up dude.. its alreasy june end!

  • sunil

it seems lg mobile is sinking